05 May 2011

Spring is in the Aire

Better late than never! The weather is beautiful here in Lake Jackson but there hasn't been nary a drop of that stuff we call rain. I know that many parts of the United States are getting more than their share and I hope that everyone is safe and dry. 
We are getting ready to drive down to Florida to see family and stop in New Orleans on the way back in to Texas for a few days to celebrate my big 50 with friends. The Bentman and gang will be hanging out with one of their Auntie's while we are traveling.
By the way the Bentman is on a trial run of thyroid supplement for the summer after numerous tests that ruled out hip dysplasia and Cushings. His thyroid panel shows borderline or low results. He has already been on the pills for a week now and showed definite improvements after just 4 days. A few months ago he started losing his balance in his back legs; severe weakness and arthritic symptoms, severe lack of interest in most everything, and pain. I corresponded with some lovely people in the Airedale world that recommended some bootie shoes called Muttluks made in Canada. Found them at Petsmart for lots of dollars but they are the best fit after trying on various brands. He wasn't real amused for the first few hours, bucked like a mule but then he adjusted, has re-established his footing, and is getting stronger everyday! 
Bentley is getting back to his old self playing bitey-face with his sis Roux, playing with toys, woofing (really BIG vocalizer) again, and engaging in life with all that love him. So thankful! 
Anyway, I know this post is short and sweet but I will try to post more often now that summer is on its way. It has been just one crazy and eventful year so far. Nothing new, huh?
Take care and till next time- 
Karen Raye