22 March 2009

More pictures of unmessy house!

Yeah, I know the first one doesn't look like our house. But I had to throw it in there for the goofiness of it. One of these days I'll publish my favorite pics of friends and co. eating hot dogs all over Texas. One of my favorite past times is collecting pics of people eating hot dogs. Yeah. Sometimes I'm just weird; at least that's what I've been told! Who cares.

Not a messy house...

Finally took some pictures of the house that are publishable (is that how you spell that word?). Not quite a finished product but it is quite livable and we are happy with our progress. Actually planted a few things outside this week. I am also the proud owner of three tomato plants, one cilantro plant and quite a few hollyhocks that will get into the ground this coming weekend. Woo Hoo!

Spring is in the Aire...

Back with Kris and Bentley from Spring Break trip to Austin. Played with the beautiful little Aerin Chloe, my one year old niece, sister Sheila, Eve and Eve's parents Ann and Roscoe. Amazing how a one year old can get a room full of six adults to do anything she wants them to for almost 8 hours! Stayed with our friends Partner, Kimmie, Kobe John (Bentley's best buddy) and Sadie Mae, his little sister! What a wonderful time visiting with all of them; feeling blessed!

11 March 2009

Some pics of the house...

No, we're not finished. Still need to unpack more never ending stuff. We need to finish putting up floor trim, paint kitchen ceiling and other spots, etc. Decided not to do the who;e house in ceramic tile. Some is done in a faux slate laminate. We like it and it took a lot less time to lay. And yes, the house is a wee bit messy. Crazy busy around here lately but that's life! And yippee- cheeseburgers on the grill tonight. The crew will be happy once again! Post more later.

They don't like Bath Day!

For some reason the 4-legged crew decided they didn't want a bath today. They were starting to smell a bit doggy so....into the tub goes Bentley. Then it was Bridgette's turn. Neither one really wanted to cooperate and I ended up soaked as did the whole bathroom with about 20 towels used. Hmm. After they had been dried and brushed out again, I realized my Bentman was beginning to look like a bear and needed a haircut. It is not his favorite thing to do but we compromise and do it in stages. I will finish the job over the weekend but both the Bentman and Bridgette have on their new bandanna's and are looking quite spiffy for the spring-like weather Houston is experiencing. Please ignore the Bentman's legs, they are still extremely hairy and are not done yet. For some reason he has also decided he doesn't like getting his picture taken anymore and ran from the camara every time I pointed it at him. It made me laugh because he tucks in his tail and looks like a Ninja Turtle with his butt tucked so far under when fleeing from the monsterous camera. I assume he was trying to hide from me in the backyard but I succeeded in taking a few pics anyway! Have a great day!

02 March 2009

Cheeseburgers Please!

Okay. So I finally got the grill back in working condition and made burgers. this has been the longest we've gone without our burger fix in a long time. Kris and I are similar to the character Wimpy from Popeye the Sailor Man's story. "We'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!" We moved in last week and had an empty bottle of propane. Aaaggh. Not a good thing. Hunted and hunted for a supplier on Saturday morning. I learned that this neighborhood does not sell it so you have to travel a bit to to refuel. I will keep an extra bottle on hand for sure. I made the infamous and much needed, delightfully delicious burger a la Karen and forgot to document the affair. So, I made more burgers today for my lunch and to take tomorrow for Kris's lunch. The 4-legged crew known as Bentley, Walter and Bridgette watched and supervised and taste tested the baby swiss that was to be melted on top! When I was finished eating my burger brunch, I shared a tasty morsel with each of my crew. Jax even showed up for a little snack!