20 May 2009

Grumpy girls....and Bow-legged boys!

We went to New Braunfuls this last weekend to tube down the river with Kris's Mom and her niece Sam. It was fun with lots of sun and good food. We arrived home Sunday night and lo and behold the Bentman had a wound on his neck. Big and ugly. Apparently, he and his sister, Bridgette the Basset Hound had gotten into some sort of tiff after our doggie sitter had left earlier that afternoon. She's a bit grumpy if you get close to her when she's getting her beauty rest. We are working on her attitude but she is 12. He didn't hurt her except for a tiny bobo on her ear. His bobo sent him to the Vet. Anyway, I tried to shave the hair off around it and cleaned it as well as possible. We went to the Vet. Monday morning and he had to go through more shaving of hair on neck and is now lopsided plus all the other embarrassments of a Doctor visit (temp taken). He was sent home with lots of antibiotics and orders of rest. Hmmm. Easier said than done when you haven't a had a good walk, or as we say in our house, klaw in a few days! And the orders of rest and stay out of the heat don't mean diddly-squat to an Airedale and his 4-legged siblings when it's that time of day! It's been a long week....The Bentman wants to scratch the bobo where it is itching from healing and he has successfully broke it open a few times. To no avail are collars, socks or teeshirts. He runs like a maniac whenever I come close with the nice warm washrag to keep it clean. though he did let me bath him last night. On top of that, all of the 4-leggeds are on a hunger strike. I heard from our TART lady in Austin about the Kirklands food at Costco and decided to try it last week. They looked at it, smelled it and walked away. A bite or two. Then nada. I let this go on for a few days figuring I am just as stubborn but nope, we are back on the Nutro small bites Lamb and Rice. I got the message but now, nobody's really eating much. Maybe it's the heat or they're just plain pissed at me. I can understand Bentley's reaction due to his bobo but the others? So, we are on another wait and see. Have a great hump day and here's hoping everything gets back to normal soon!

06 May 2009

on no, it's wet dog Wednesday!

Bath Day! Hey, it's me, the Bentman and Bridgette and Walter and Jax. I guess since she's out of school she thinks she needs to do honey do's and things like this! This sucks but we'll oblige. Can you help us please..........?

Senior Airedales Fundraiser!

Passing this on to all who might want to check it out. These volunteers kick some butt in their tenacity and perseverance for the welfare of the "old" boy and girl 'Dales and I salute them for all their hard work. I'm a little late getting this out but there are a few days left and you can check it out here: http://www.alldogssite.com/senadtsfundraiser091.html
I'll always remember my favorite old boy "Lucas." He was found wandering down an old country road in the middle of nowhere in West Texas; a 95 lb. hairy- and do I mean hairy, sweet big 'ole teddy bear Airedale by my ex in 2005. Teri stopped and offered him some potatoe chips and he promptly hopped in the truck. Teri called the number on his tags and the man that answered said "No", they had no large dog like that. Well, a lady called back later and informed us that yes, he was hers but she couldn't keep him. He wouldn't stay in the yard. Apparently he'd been given to her by another person 60 miles away and couldn't keep him in the yard either. Sounded like since he was a big dog that nobody wanted him in their house and threw him out in the yard. Hmpf. Some people....don't get me started. Anyway, the lady said she would just have to find him a new home or take him to the pound and we said that we wanted him. We had already fell in love with him and Bentley and him took to each other like a fish to water! So, I stripped down with him that night in the bathroom and gave him a bath. Woooo- was he ever dirty and loved his baths. I took him to the vet and found out he had tick fever, heart worm positive and approximately 9 years old. He battled the after-effects of tick fever till he went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2007. Lots of good times though and I learned a lot about tick fever and the many disguises it has. Luke gave so much love and many laughs at his antics that I'll remember forever. When I was going through a bad time, he would sit on my front porch with me; he loved to garden with me; he went everywhere in that little town of West Texas with me and of course we had hamburgers! Here's to Luke the Duke - the best 'ole boy ever. You are dearly missed.

04 May 2009

burgers for me...burgers for you...burgers for everybody!

Sunday was the next to last day for me to cram for finals - last two tests for this semester are on Tuesday. I studied, Kris cooked and the four-legged crew waited somewhat patiently at the edge of the kitchen and at the grill. Kris and I love burgers as much as our fur-faced kids do.We had discussed various ways to play with the taste sensations we've tried out at restaurants in Houston and figured we could make a better burger. Of course she succeeded! I was informed they were ready to sample and left my studies promptly mid-afternoon. Kris had made min-burgers in four varieties for us to try: a blue-cheese burger made with my favorite stinky Maytag blue; a pizza burger stuffed with home-made pizza sauce and provolone cheese; a chipotle burger with some Kerrygold's Irish white chedder and a SoCo burger made with Southern Comfort ( like a Jack Daniels burger but better- you kick out the sweetness with Worcestershire, etc.). And of course, a cold brew to wash it all down. No booze for kids the though! Absolutely Fabulous! Don't know which one is my favorite but we'll just have to have a burger party soon and let others decide for themselves. Naturally, the hairy ones got to sample the leftovers. Wish ya'll been there! Have a great week!