29 September 2009

Kitchen woes...

Yes, you guessed it. Roux has learned to counter-surf to the dismay of the two Momma's. After I got out of school yesterday, I went by Joe's Barbecue joint in Alvin to take advantage of their Monday special- chopped beef sandwiches for one dollar. Thinking they would be tiny offerings at this price, I bought four. Well.. the guy in front of me ordered three for himself so this led to my conclusion of special price, tiny little itsy bitsy sandwich. I was wrong. Realizing this when I arrived home and opening up the Styrofoam box I was pleased to see that there would extra for lunch today. Hmmppff- wrong again. I'd taken my sandwich back to the study room to eat when I heard a Roux noise. Now, this is just not any noise. It is a noise you all are probably familiar with. That special sound you hear when one of the four-legged's, in this case Roux, is getting into something she has no business getting into. You see, there haven't been any signs of dreaded counter-surfing habits before last night so I wasn't on guard for her new escapade. Roux, Roux, Roux- you act like a little heathen. Anyway, I immediately hauled a## to the kitchen to find a completely uneaten sandwich laying on the rug missing it's Styrofoam box. I poked my head out the window and there is Miss Roux happily shredding her newfound toy- the Box out on the grass. As I picked up the sandwich I started to laugh thinking what a dumb-butt. Here is a delicious chopped beef sandwich she could have been savoring from her thievery but No- she went for the Box instead! I cleaned up the mess and set a trap. Big cookie sheet with paper bag and empty box that must have smelled so inviting to her big black nose. On top of that, I put the scary penny water bottle for even more noise effects so when it falls, she will run for her life. That was last night. Still waiting. If I need to tempt her with more savory smelling items- I will. It is just a matter of time!

22 September 2009

Need the flash, lady!

The Momma forgot to turn on the flash as usual. Can you see me? This is my own special version of bed head. Apparently, my Mum thinks I need a grooming because she said I look like a ragamuffin. Then she said she may not be able to get the job done properly all by herself and called her groomer friend. I'm going to hide now.

13 September 2009

Across the muddy river to New Orleans

We had a lovely time exploring New Orleans this weekend. It is a feel good city with it's exotic history, swampy locale and fascinating people. We thought the rain followed us from Houston to Louisiana but it had been raining there for weeks. We didn't care, it just added to the adventure. Arriving at ten pm we checked into the St. Pierre- various restored cottages and buildings with private courtyards and lush greenery wildly growing everywhere- refreshing after the drought conditions we've been experiencing in Texas. The next day we went to Cafe Du Mond and enjoyed the chicory coffee and beignets the open air cafe is famous for. No sightings of Airedales anywhere but I saw lots of bulldogs, mixes and pittbulls which Louisiana is notorious for. A canine fix is a canine fix! Then it began to rain. No rainy day blues for us though. We walked, ran and splashed everywhere with all of the other tourists and locals for three days. A visit to the Aquarium of the America's gave me a chance to feed the stingrays. A tour of the Beauregard Key's mansion was quite informative as was was an afternoon spent at the World War II Museum. The WWII Museum gave me some more insight on a paper I need to write next week for school! We also were able to go see the burlesque queens at the House of Blues after their contest at Harrah's Saturday night. Definitely interesting but sadly they don't leave much to the imagination anymore like the Burlesque Queens of the Olden Days used to. Of course, we ate our way through New Orleans. The advice from the locals on where to go sample the best Cajun fare was right on. I felt like Bubba Gump and now can proudly recite almost all titles and recipes for anything shrimp and crawfish now that I've had my fill. We also went to Central Grocery and shared a muffuletta- a most excellent sandwich with their delicious olive salad. I want to recommend a carriage ride through the French Quarter next time you get to New Orleans. I've visited N.O. many times since I was 16 but never wanted to spend the time or money. Worth every penny! We were able to go visit Marie Laveau's tomb and walk around the cemetery a bit. Supposedly, if you leave three of anything at her tomb or tap on the wall, she'll grant you a wish. I just knocked and wished her to rest in peace. I figure her spirit is tired of everyone bothering her! The St. Louis Cemetery #1 and all of it's cousins in N.O. are filled with great atmosphere for hoodoo-voodoo lover's and vampire freaks. I say who-voodoo! All the walking about did us in and we were able to go back to our cottage and sit in the huge, square rectangular jacuzzi tub every day in the afternoon and evening to massage our feet and other achy parts! I want and need a tub at home like that one I've decided. HaHa. Anyway, New Orleans is back in business after that nasty little storm named Katrina tried to wipe it off of the face of the planet. So, if you ever get a chance, go visit and linger awhile. There is much more to her than Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras- personally I can't handle those massive moving walls of people during the major festivities and choose to go in the off-seasons. Claustrophobia is my middle name! Bentley and our 4-legged gang say hello to all! They stayed home with their favorite sitter Miss Phyllis who spoiled them by feeding them a half jar of cookies and who know what else while we were gone??!! And she lets them sleep with her- all of of them. Aaagghhh. We love her and obviously so do they! Enough rambling for now, it was a great mini-vacation. Gotta go study- school stops for no one, especially old students like me. C'est la vie! Ya'll have a great week.