29 August 2011

So far, So good...

Just a quick note to update the Bentman's progress. He had that big 'ole spleen removed last Tuesday and the surgeon said results from biopsy will be back this week sometime but all in all it looked pretty decent without any obvious masses. They kept him till Thursday and was he ever happy to see me when I went to pick him up after school. Of course it was quite a shocker to see him with that giant cone on his head but the incision freaked me out a bit more. I was instructed to take the bandage off within two to three days so I took it off on Saturday and finally got a good look at the incision. No unusual redness or swelling thank goodness. And here it is, too much information of course but he pooped on Friday- 2 days before they said he might. WooHoo. Never thought I'd be so happy to pick up poop but it meant that certain things were working well.

The hardest part with five 4-legged's is keeping them calm and separated from each other. As of yesterday we let them have supervised time together with no play just checking each other out and it went well. We have to continue on this supervised schedule for a few weeks though. Feeding time is a real b%$&* around here because of special diets to coat tummies, control sodium, etc. but I have it down to a science or at least I think I do.

1st day home
The other thing to report is Bentley had been having some pain that I was unaware of from the TBD poly-arthritis flaring up again and being really grumpy towards Roux. The specialist did put him back on 800 mgs of doxy per day and bumped the pred back to a whole tab a day (20 mg). Can we say 'Roid rage? Hate steriods but they are a necessary evil in this case.

This will probably be a constant battle for awhile but at least we know that his spleen will not rupture and can control the arthritis pain with tramadol as needed. And- he is tolerating the two different e-collars as well as he can. Without sounding mean, it is quite amusing to see him maneuver around in the giant cone that he has to wear during the night while we are sleeping or if we are gone from the house.

Night time cone of shame

Other than some extra stress we are hanging in there. I sincerely hope all of our friends on the east coast were not impacted horribly by Hurricane Irene. Down here on the Gulf coast we deal with tropical storms and hurricanes often and know just how devastating and frightening they can be. Sending prayers and Aire'Zen to all of you in Irene's path. Take care and hug the ones you love!

Till next time,
Karen Raye

11 August 2011

Zombie leg?

  Been there for months...   
Last night Kris and I drove up to Pearland to meet some friends for dinner and left the 4-legged's to their own devices. When we came home, the 4-legged's were woofing and happy to see us like usual but the most amazing thing occurred...
In the corner of the dining room by the hutch is an old prop (ZOMBIE leg) that the Mama's used a few years back in the 1st Annual Zombie Walk for the Houston Food Pantry (lots of fun - great cause). Since we have an odd sense of humor, it has been strategically placed in our house to see just how alert our various guests are when they come to visit. At this point in time, only 3 of them have ever taken the bait and one of them is my Dad. He is quite aware of my sense of humor... Anyway...
Back to the story. When we came in the house last night the biggest Woofer (ya'll know who that would be) decided to take notice of the leg and grabbed it like it was a new toy. I almost died laughing and couldn't get the camera in time to snap a picture. Needless to say, I had to retrieve it before the Bentman and his Roux decided to have their very own Zombie leg eating festival.
(Disclaimer- I know some of you think this is gross- Sorry- we love Zombie flicks in this house).
I am thinking my Bentman is regaining his ornery attitude and acting like the silly clown he used to be. I also noticed (after scissoring him on and off for hours) that his beautiful haire is coming back and the color is deepening. And of course he is back to WOOFING (really loud and deep) all the time about everything like he used to.

HALLELUJAH- my Bentley Boy is back and he's starting to get in trouble- Hey la - Hey la - my Bentley Boy is back! 

So I had to share and thank everyone for all the good wishes. Now all we have to do is get him through the spleenectomy on the 23rd and WOO-HOO he can be as goofy as he ever was!

Have a great week and hug the ones you love!

Till next time,
Karen Raye

Mean Mama took it away...notice that look of contemplation?

01 August 2011

Monday morning bread...

Not just another manic Monday but bread day. Potato bread to be exact. I have been perfecting my bread baking skills for a few years trying to tweak my cooking talent in different directions and what could be better than to follow in my Mom's footsteps of bread baking. My better half informed me that her favorite's that I bake is fougasse and the potato roll recipe that I finally perfected. Since there are always too many rolls left over- even when I send some to the neighbors, I decided to make 2/3 of the dough into a loaf to slice for sandwiches. 
   The big pot on the stove is an all day affaire of homemade spaghetti sauce that I'll put up in the freezer for real manic Mondays, terrible Tuesdays, wacky Wednesdays, terrific Thursdays, and finally fabulous Fridays. Works for whatever day during the week you don't have time or the inclination to cook. I like to throw together any of the flat-breads (Italian or French) and put some of the sauce and some good stinky cheese on it for a quick pizza. If I am real lucky, I'll also have enough tomatoes from the garden to whip up some bruschetta or my old standby, pesto from the three basil plants that have been quite generous this summer.

Uh oh-  look who showed up. The Bentman now thinks the kitchen is his own personal domain. It is impossible to go near the kitchen without him making an entrance. Then he just hangs out waiting to see if he can look really pitiful and get a snack of something good and this is a dog that learned my command of "Out of the kitchen" when he was a wee pup. If the pitiful poor me look doesn't work out for him, he just plants himself - like this, see below - until someone comes back and then it starts all over again...doG help us. I think we have at least three more weeks of prednisone. Aaaagggghhhhh!!!!!

Not really complaining though. We are really glad he is interested in life (translate to food) again! Hope you have a great week and will get back to you soon!

Till next time,
Karen Raye