21 September 2011

Got green beans?

It requires three lb. cans these days...

To feed the Bentman a healthy snack!
Now mind you, he doesn't get the whole can all at once and he does shares with his 4-legged brothers and sisters but it is the most cost effective way I can keep him from eating us out of house and home. And don't get any ideas about me letting him counter surf- not in this house. Bentley has never figured out that he can jump up there. Yet. Though he has figured out how to open trash cans, cabinet doors and get stuck in the back bedroom because he has become a nosy butt. Think the meds are working and he is becoming a real Airedale again. He has even begun playing with his little sis Roux lately...watch out, she's not so little anymore (70 lbs.) and ready for some football!  

Till next time,
Karen Raye and the gang!

18 September 2011

Did somebody say football?

Hi ya'll!
Just a quick note- supposed to be working on Algebra homework...but wanted to say I'd rather be watching the Steelers, Saints, and Texans! And an update on the Bentman- he is doing fabulous. Of course he thinks he is starvin' marvin' these days due to the ongoing dosage of prednisone for another 3 weeks. Massively loud WOOFS for FOOD these days! The two cones of shame were retired and he has only one more follow-up at the surgeons office, then it is back to the regular nice lady Vet.
One other thing is the hummingbirds are migrating down this way in our part of Texas so I'll leave you with a picture or two of our littlest angels!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Till next time,
Karen Raye and the biggest woofer (Bentley)

I have been refilling this feeder 3x a day this weekend.

I think they like the newest feeder also!