28 April 2009

Acknowledgements due! Revised!

Pink Roses & the Life Is Grand Award! We aren't really very good at some of this stuff but here goes anyway!
Our awards were given to us by Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie! You can go see their wonderful blog at http://hootieandbabyrocketdog.blogspot.com/ . They make us laugh and smile. For the Life Is Grand Award, we have to list 5 reasons that life is grand, acknowledge the giver by linking to their blog, then pass it on to 5 others.

1. Love makes our world go round!
2. We have a beautiful and handsome family of 4-legged fur-faces to have fun with!
3. Bentley's Mum let's him write anything he wants to, if he has half a mind to!
4. All the fur-faces can sleep anywhere they want to- most of the time!
5. Mum lets everybody have cheeseburgers! WooHoo!

And the third award is from our friends Fergie and Jake; check out their great blog at http://twospecialwires.blogspot.com/. This award is called the Nemo Award and it is a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging. We think the reasons we like to blog and read others blog is because it allows us to learn about the rest of the world and make new friends through cyberspace. Even if we never get to meet any of our cyber-friends in person, we can learn to care, share and support each other through the good and bad times of this life on our planet Earth. Through the long arm, I mean paw, of our canine friends, we can bring a smile to someone's day!

aaaggghhh.....too much RAIN

Waiting impatiently for the sunshine....
It appears as if it is never ending. The 4-legged's are terrified of thunder and the back yard is a swamp. The streets are starting to flood. And I have to get out in it to go begin finals. Blah. Much rather stay at home and protect the fur-faces from the thunder. Such is life in rainy Houston town today.
"It's raining. It's pouring. The four-legged's aren't snoring. They went to bed with thunder in their head. And wouldn't go out in the morning."

21 April 2009

No words can describe this...

Please read this e-mail I received from a lady I know in Austin, Texas. She founded All Texas Dachshund rescue and has forwarded this on to as many people as possible. I will do my part too by posting on my blog and sending a donation. I will not post the pictures because they are quite graphic and awful and you will need to make that choice. Please read this note from Barbara, then click on link and go to the site to read more about this poor little Dachshund-girl named Joanie who actually has a chance.

Bentley's Mum

My name is Barbara Lewis and I am with All Texas Dachshund Rescue. I am writing to you to make a plea for each and every one of you to send prayers and healing rays to sweet, little Joanie.
She is a pathetic little thing that came into a shelter as a stray. The shelter sent out a plea asking for a rescue organization to take on, not only the care giving challenge of this dog,but the financial challenge as well. We (All Texas Dachshund Rescue) agreed to take that challenge and try our best to give this sweet little thing a second chance at life that she so deserves.
Please remember Joanie in your prayers and if you can spare a few dollars to go towards her care, it would be greatly appreciated. She is a sweet little thing, and as long is she is up for the fight for life, we will stand and fight beside her all the way. Please read her story at www.atdr.org Thank you, Barbara Lewis--Founder All Texas Dachshund Rescue

20 April 2009

cookie monster?

I've been studying like a maniac and have found a way to relieve my stress. In between breaks from writing papers for school, I bake. New things I see in magazines. Food magazines to be specific. You see, I don't really have time or the discipline to read a whole book because I won't put it down until it's finished. That would interfere greatly with my school stuff so.... I zip through a foodie magazine when I'm in the bath or clearing my head of biology or math or art history. So far, I've made brioche, chocolate brioche, many versions of my ciabatta bread, and ther stuff; just can't remember what else. This is all delightful to smell but I don't eat a lot it. If I ate too much of it, I'd be really fat! So I share. Most everyone has been grateful. Today, I made the cookies you'll see a picture of. I used lime instead of lemon juice because I owe a friend of mine a Key Lime Pie for her belated birthday. I wanted to do a version of this cookie recipe with the Key Lime concept. It worked. Kris thinks they're really good. Tart. I hope my friend Hamby likes them! Bentley and Bridgette looked at me like I was a really bad cookie monster because I wouldn't let them try one. Maybe I'll make some more with lemon. Hmmm. Pineapple is Bentley' favorite fruit- maybe I'll find something he'll do tricks for. Ha!

06 April 2009

and another worm bites the dust...

A little three year old girl named Ava came to visit us this weekend with her family. Ava really liked Bentley and his worms and carried them all around the yard in her arms trying to get Bentley to play with her. She didn't realize Bentley wouldn't bring them back to her; he likes to play keep away with his toys. So she followed him everywhere and called to him, "Hey Buddy, hey Buddy!" Ava also would ask me, "where is that big one?", referring to Bentley (now known as Buddy) when he would go off to be by himself! It was fun. Later on that evening I played with him like I do and the purple worm erupted into a white furry mass of cottony fluff. And in the immortal words of Freddie Mercury- another one bites the dust!

01 April 2009

word of the day: Nematoda

Phylum Nematoda: roundworms living in my backyard that are brightly colored in hues of pink, blue and yellow. Unfortunately, they don't reproduce without dollars spent at the local store.

Otherwise known as: really large toys from Walgreens that my Bentley boy loves to play with like a maniac.
Amount of time they last: depends on how many times I play tug of worm with him and fall down on my butt ripping the material so the fuzzy guts fall out.

Cost: Five dollars!
Enjoyment of interacting with him while acting like a canine myself: Priceless!

We've had other colors of this wormy toy in the past but they've all gone to the great worm heaven in the trash can. And by the way, the Bentman is still dodging the camera for some reason, so I'm having to be a real sneak to get any pictures of him lately. I won this round!

Have a great day. For now, my days will consist of studying like a mad scientist to pass my next Biology Exam in lab tomorrow and Lecture class next week!