25 February 2009

We're here..........

Tired but we're moved in to the new house we've been renovating. The puppyboys and puppygirl are adjusting as are the hoomans. Crazy day on Saturday with rain hindering the moving guys packing their truck but it was finally accomplished by 7pm after starting at 8am that morning. I came with the pups early that morning followed by friends hauling Kris's old VW that will be restored eventually. It was rather hysterical to watch it being pushed and loaded into a car trailer by a bunch of women and one man. Then trying to get it situated in the garage here at the new place was even goofier with me trying to steer it in without hitting the wall of the garage. Spent Sunday trying to find stuff, important stuff in for baths, etc. Kris would ask if I knew where someting was and I would tell her it was in a big box as opposed to a small box. Yeah right. There are only a zillion big boxes and maybe a million small boxes! It has beome a running joke btween us. Gotta have something to make you laugh when you're running on empty. On top of everything else, I had a my first practical in Biology lab yesterday. Needless to say I'm not sure how well I did. That class is hard and getting harder every day. My professor tells us that if we were at Texas A&M it would be worse so we should just be thankful. Then he tells us that most of us had this clas recently in High School and it should still be in our brains. Well.....about 10 of us in the class of 50 are over 40. I've been out of school for 30 years. Hmmmm.....lots of heavy duty studying and catching up to do. But I'm not complaining, math is going well for once. I will post pictures of the house put together soon. We still have to put down trim and quarter round to complete the floors. And replace some lights. etc. but there is only so much time and money to work with! It will come together and be lovely to behold eventually. As it is, I'm proud of all the hard work all of us put in and what we accomplished so far. Thanks to all who helped and supported this madness over the last 6 weeks. Anyway, hope life is treating ya'll well and will post more soon. Back to studying!

16 February 2009

Bridgette the Basset Hound comes to live with us...

Bridgette is a 12 year old senior and a laid back cutie. Her brother, Corky (schnauzer) left Sunday morning to go live in Idaho with Nancy, Marie's niece. So we brought her home with us Sunday after working on the new house all day. Bentley, Walter and Jax greeted us at the door when we got home with wagging tails and lots of loud and I do mean LOUD woofs. Well, that would have been Bentley. He is the vocal one and of course I encouraged it when he was a youngster not realizing it would continue forever. Anyway, the boys are missing us really bad but it's almost over on the house renovation and I'll be posting pictures soon. Well, Miss Bridgette just walked right in and made herself comfortable. Kris and I gave her a bath because she was a wee bit fragrant from escaping earlier in the day and taking a walkabout in the mud in a field down the street. And... she's a hound. They have that particular smell, ya know? Anyway, she gets out of her bath and runs off into the back living room and boy-o-boy is Bentley excited. You'd think he's just had a bath the way he's acting. Tuck-butt runs all around her, sliding all over the floor and talking to her. I could have rolled on the floor and laughed. Bridgette got up on the couch aand just looked at him as if he'd lost his mind. I know he just wished she was big enough to play with him but alas I think he needs a bigger play pal. Have a great week!

11 February 2009


Funny the stuff you find when you're moving. Kris is having to go through everything in the house because I can't make those kind of decisions for her. I have become a bit of a minimalist even though I have a collection of stuff that has come through the years with me. I'm not referring to stuff such as family heirlooms and such. Just weird stuff. Like sets of keys that no one has a clue to what they might open or start. And I think we could open an office supply store with all the pens and pencils we found. These pictures are Kris and her Mom, Barb going through treasure! Kris commenting, "Look what I found Ma!" And of course, Bentley is not amused. He's really not fond of packing and moving. It disturbs his space. Aaaaggghhhh! Boxes everywhere!

More remodeling pics

A wee bit tired but it will be worth it. We're on countdown for the move in date. The puppyboys are really tired of not seeing their humans as often as they are used too. And I'm really missing them too. Soon enough, it'll all be completed and we'll be in the new place. For now- have a great day!

08 February 2009

Foooooood Now!

Bentley's little quirk of flipping the food bowls when they're empty was documented after his bath today. He can be a wee bit temperamental about empty food bowls. He doesn't really care if he's hungry or not, it's just the fact fact that they're sitting there empty. This was after he and Walter had a bath and were locked in the house so they couldn't go outside and roll around in the yard until they were dry. A boy's gotta find something to do when he can't go out and get dirty again. He brings me such joy and laughter when I'm distracted with life.