04 January 2012

Blast from the past

I guess I should explain why I have put up another oldie pic. My trusty computer has been threatening to crash for about a month now and I have switched over to a newer one. Haven't had time to download any current pics though so this is a pic from 2007 that was easy to access. If I remember correctly the Bentman was 5 going on 6 in this pic. Obviously we didn't live here on the Gulf Coast either- the location would have been West Texas where it snowed occasionally.

For all of you that have asked about the Bentman's health, he is getting better. It has been a long road and there are still some obstacles to face but all in all we are thankful that he even made through last summer. After a heavy round (5 months) on prednisone he gained up to 94 lbs. His happy weight is around 80 lbs so we have been monitoring food intake and exercise and he is back to about 84 lbs. The specialist (last visit in late November) said it is possible that the prednisone induced Cushings. Our regular vet will test him in a few weeks to see. Hopefully not but his body shape hasn't changed too much even with the weight loss. He also had some funky readings that showed borderline Addison's but everything was so whacked in the fall the results could have been false positives. The weakness and muscle atrophy is not as severe as it was and his gusto for life (not just food) is back! He's back to waking up with Kris at 4:30 or 5:30 am and if I am not up in what he considers a timely manner I wake up to the biggest Woofer at my ear telling me it is breakfast time and the biggest wet sloppy kisses you can imagine. Yep- gotta love 'em.

Anyway, just wanted to give all of you a quick heads up. Now I need to go bag a few thousand leaves that are still falling from the trees. I don't know about ya'lls weather but ours is really screwy and all the plants are confused here on the Gulf Coast. There is one tomato plant leftover from the summer and it has about 20 green ones on it that I am hoping will ripen. It is one of those yellow heirloom varieties and I have decided it is a winner. Plan on planting quite a few of them in the spring.

And last but not least- all of the 4-legged's, Kris, and I wish you a wonderfully healthy and happy New Year of 2012!

Till next time,
Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass