05 December 2012

A long way from home

Once again we are in Germany. We have been here two weeks almost and I am missing our 4-legged sweetness. But- patience is a virtue they say and we will be home late Sunday night. I can already imagine their excitement when they hear us pull up into the driveway. Bentley will be moaning non-stop and Roux will be unable to stop bouncing. Walter will be sounding off in his cute little shriek/ barky voice and Bridgette will be moving pretty fast for an 'ole girl steadily wagging her tail. Something I always look forward to when we have been off seeing the world.

Last time we were here in this part of the world I began a travel blog. Once again for those of you interested, here is the link:   https://karenraye12.wordpress.com/

I hope everyone is doing well. December is upon on us and the holidays will soon be here. Time flies by, doesn't it?

Till next time,
Karen Raye
(doing without the 4-legged sweetness temporarily...)