19 July 2012

Holiday in Europe

What do windmills, yummy cheese, frites, castles, and a blue grotto have in common? 

A fabulous adventure in The Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, and Italy! Kris has to go to Terneuzen (The Netherlands) for work in August and I am tagging along. Our thoughts are- if one aireplane ticket and some of the accommodations are paid for through work, we can pay for the rest to get me there so we can explore a part of the world we may never get a chance to do again. Right?

We are going a week and 1/2 early to visit Amsterdam for 4 days, then mosey down through West Germany to explore Cologne, Aachen or Koblenz, Cochen, Baden-Baden, and Trier.We will then then zip over to Luxemburg City in where else but Luxemburg and also Vianden to check out the Valley of Seven Castles. Then we zip up to Maastricht for a bit and head back to Terneuzen for two weeks of work.

It will be quite a whirlwind but hey, how often do you get a chance to do something like this? While Kris is working with the Dutch, Germans, and others from around the globe, I will explore Terneuzen which is primarily a DOW town on the North Sea all by myself. Bicycles are one of the main ways to get around in the The Netherlands so I will be renting one and peddling off the calories I ingest!

After the first official work week ends, we will drive over to Belgium to visit Brugge and Ghent. I have to buy some Belgium chocolate and Kris will need some frites. We end the next work week down in Karlsruhe, Germany which is right around the corner from Baden-Baden where we will have visited during the 1st week in Europe. We will then drive up to the aireport outside of Frankfort to hop a local plane to Rome. Then jump a train to Napoli so we can explore the surrounding area including a blue grotto off the Isle of Capri, check out Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii, and head back to Rome for 4 days. Whew- I know it is a lot but we have a list that are the must-sees and if we don't get to see it all, it is OK. We will just throw coins in the Trevi Fountain in Rome to ensure that we will get to come back one day.   

The one thing I would like to do is spot an Airedale somewhere along our journey and I have faith that it may happen. So far we've seen one in NYC from the 20th floor in our hotel room- though I couldn't get down the elevator fast enough to say hello. When we were in Salem, Ma. I acted like a crazy person when I spotted a  'Dale in the parking lot of a local hotel and I was able to get my doggie fix . And last time we were in New Orleans we met a sweet girl 'Dale being walked by her human. He even asked me if I wanted to doggie sit her that evening- LOL.  I figure fate will intervene!

Anyway, it is obvious that I am excited and I will post updates from our upcoming adventure. And don't worry about Bentley and the 4-legged gang, their Aunt Valerie will be here for the month attending to their needs. The Bentman loves his Auntie Val almost as much as Kris and I and will make sure she gives them their breakfast and supper on time along with a daily ration of carrots!

Till next time, 
Karen Raye