30 July 2009

Everything Happens for a Reason

Little Miss Ricki "Roux" has a new forever home to go live in soon. I started posting her picture on my Facebook a while back thinking someone may express an interest and WooHoo- guess what?!! Two of our ladies with whom we volunteer with in a group called AssistHers have come forward to adopt her. These two ladies lost their Thibidoux as he went to the Rainbow Bridge last year and their Boux has been the one and lonely in need of a new sibling. They like big scruffy dogs, decided to meet Ricki Roux last Sunday, she must have won them over with her goofiness that day. She went over to meet their "Big" boy Boux last night. All went well and she will be going to live there after they get back from vacation in a week or two. Boux is a rather large boy (125 lbs) and she was a bit intimidated at first but they liked each other. There is even a pool that the 4-legged's are allowed to swim in but they have to dry off before they are allowed back in the house! This is a good thing since Ricki Roux loves to swim in her water bowl and has turned our house into an indoor swimming pool. Aagghh! I've never seen a dog that likes water so much! She is healing quite nicely, acting her doofus self entertaining us humans with her pup-like antics. Both of the lovely ladies are runners and go run on the bayou every morning. Ricki Roux will be able to use up some of the exuberant energy that is part of her character! As for the "Roux" part of her name now, it's traditional for these ladies to have a little coon*ss flair in their 4-legged's name since one of them proudly hails from the Louisiana area! Life is good! There are wonderful people on this great planet we live on! Let's have one more WooHoo to celebrate happy endings!

27 July 2009

Home from surgery!

Poor little girl. Brought her home, gave a tiny drink of water and she went to her kennel (bedroom) and lay down to rest. I was really worried that she might think I'd abandoned her at that big scary place. Oh, the things we worry about.

Spay Day today...

Today, Little Miss Ricki goes in to get her surgery. She's already looking at me with that look. You know the one; Where is my breakfast? I'll drop her off and bring her home about 5:30. Let's hope she stays calm while it heals! Have a good day!

23 July 2009

Destruction and Chaos rules this house...

Well, sort of! The new foster girl is a bundle of puppy energy- big puppy energy. She has finally adjusted to the fact that she WILL be sleeping in the crate at night. She was crying quite a bit the first two nights, then "VOILA" she calmed down due to an unamused Kris trying to get to sleep so she wouldn't be groggy at work in the AM. Now, a whimper or two or three and a couple of firm No's- lay down and go night, night and she relaxes. Not exactly sure how old she is but she is definitely in chew mode. Purchased another new Kong and stuffie flea toy with dangling legs that she is enthralled with for the moment. Don't quite think that flea toy is going to be around very long but if it keeps her from eating the house or her bedding, then it's all good. Our littlest boy Jax- the little old man, Chihuahua, adores her. He gets in her crate to sleep during the day and looks up at her with love-smitten eyes when they are out in the yard and house together! We did have an incident with her and Bentley on Sunday but all has been well; just a bit of grumbling from him when she gets in his space. He wanted to play with her on Tuesday and dummy that I am, I encouraged them. In the house, no less! Not a good idea with two dogs their size. He started butt-tucking and trying to play with her and she wasn't quite sure he wasn't going to eat her and she got puppy excited, backed away and ran in a big circle sliding straight backwards into my Grandmother's table. The table rocked hard, the lamp lay down, and the antique glass jar with cherry sours (didn't break) hit the floor. Sadly, the glass cookie jar on that table (I know) came crashing down into a million pieces of glass. What a mess! She was terrified of the crash and thought she was in big trouble, Bentley hauled a#$&* and I was left standing there- feeling really stupid for instigating. On another note, I have come across some wonderful volunteer people in the Houston area while I was trying to find an appt. for Ricki's (aka Lucy) spay date that won't cost an arm and a leg. We have an appt. for Monday at 8:30 with a lady that will let her slide in with her group fee at the Humane Society. This kind lady will also help with getting her adopted if my contacts fall through. Rescue Volunteers rock, I've decided! Thanks for all the good wishes on the posts. I do wish we could keep her but it goes against my code for helping with rescue. If I keep just one, then we run out of room for the emergency 'Dales (and mixes) that need a place to lay their head down somewhere down the line. We are very limited on space and I have to keep that in mind. It is really hard to let them go but we make sure it is the best possible forever home! Ya'll have a great end of the week and 'till next time!

HAPPY Wags and ARROOO'S to you!
Karen, Bentley Beargrass,
Bridgette, Jax,
and Ricki the Foster Girl (aka Lucy)!

20 July 2009

Puppy madness...

Oh my. Should I say, "I shouldn't have?" It is too late for that. She would have been put to sleep as her time was up a week and half ago. So we come home with an Airedale mix from the Missouri City Animal Control Saturday after being alerted to a possible Airedale in shelter. Texas Rescue has no room or money for mixes. Vet approximates 6 to 12 months old. Definitely a puppy, though. Wants to chew my shoes. Bought her a red bone Kong and I freeze it with peanut butter. She cries for an hour in her crate every night. Learning to pee and poop outside. Almost there. Working on an appt. to get her spayed for a reasonable price. There is almost no such thing. Bentley is not amused at her exuberance and wanted to eat her yesterday when she wouldn't leave him alone. Her name needs to be Lucy as in I love Lucy because she is really doofus and silly and cute and smart. For now, it is Ricki. Incredible amounts of energy and butt-stuck like a piece of Velcro to me or Kris. She is a foster. Hopefully, the manager at PetSmart will decide for sure that he wants her next Monday. Send lots of Aire-Zen. Tired! Kris asked me what happened to the transport and paperwork aspect of rescue that I volunteered for. All I can say is I'm a sucker for so-called throwaway dogs. Hope everyone is well and will update as time allows!

16 July 2009

pouting because...

Poor Bentley. The nephews got to meet the Mama at James Coney Island for lunch yesterday and we enjoyed his favorite snack (other than hamburgers), without him. They even got cute hats from the management because they are little holy heathens! That would be our pet name for them when they are full of too much energy! Bentley knows all about coney's from that establishment. We always used to drive through there after work on a long weekend after leaving the grooming shop on Sunday's. It is our special little treat still- just can't go into the actual store as they don't allow 4-legged's in. We just go through the drive-through and get 2 dogs for him and two for me these days. Also, a large frozen lemonade shared with sticky beard boy is always fun! The Bentman has acquired a taste for cold, tart and refreshing beverages from there! Don't let him fool you- he'll be happy soon enough when we go by there for his weekly fix!

13 July 2009

Hey- it's me. Bentley.

12:45 and she'll be finished with that school stuff for a month...I can't wait. Then we get extra s'klaw (thinks she smart by spelling it backwards and I don't know what she's talking about, hmpf) in the park, more trips to the food place, and more time to play with her in the backyard! WooHoo! I'm so excited. So are my brothers and sister. Now, go take that last final that you use all those funny looking wooden things to write with and hurry home to us.

07 July 2009

Cruizin' ....

The Mama took me for a ride yesterday to the local food store. I hung my head out in the glorious 'Aire and viewed that big 'ole place where the Texans play something called futball! Then I got to pick out my favorite kibble to bring home to my family. I made her load it up in the back of our car 'cause I was tired from all the work that goes with shopping!

06 July 2009

Everythings all right in the world!

We made it through the weekend and it's a normal Monday again. Of course, that all depends on what you consider normal! Have a great week all!

Bentley and his Mum!

02 July 2009

just a little wish...

For something besides highs of 100 degree heat and the never ending lack of rain. Even the muddy water at the beach on our Gulf Coast is starting to look like a tropical paradise to these sun-fried eye-balls of mine. Tried doing a rain dance or two. Nada. Nothing is working. Don't want a tropical storm or anything close but it is the mother of holiday's coming up this weekend. Fireworks can equal bad news with drought. And I won't even mention how the 4-legged's react to the noise that comes along with them. Wishing and hoping.....