07 July 2009

Cruizin' ....

The Mama took me for a ride yesterday to the local food store. I hung my head out in the glorious 'Aire and viewed that big 'ole place where the Texans play something called futball! Then I got to pick out my favorite kibble to bring home to my family. I made her load it up in the back of our car 'cause I was tired from all the work that goes with shopping!


  1. Good work for taking your mum shopping. And too right, make the pinkie do all the hard work. It's not something we're meant to do...

  2. We love going shopping too, Bentley! It always means new stuff for us, right?!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Bentley it is very important to have well trained staff. Glad you are all stocked up again.

    Molly and Taffy