30 July 2009

Everything Happens for a Reason

Little Miss Ricki "Roux" has a new forever home to go live in soon. I started posting her picture on my Facebook a while back thinking someone may express an interest and WooHoo- guess what?!! Two of our ladies with whom we volunteer with in a group called AssistHers have come forward to adopt her. These two ladies lost their Thibidoux as he went to the Rainbow Bridge last year and their Boux has been the one and lonely in need of a new sibling. They like big scruffy dogs, decided to meet Ricki Roux last Sunday, she must have won them over with her goofiness that day. She went over to meet their "Big" boy Boux last night. All went well and she will be going to live there after they get back from vacation in a week or two. Boux is a rather large boy (125 lbs) and she was a bit intimidated at first but they liked each other. There is even a pool that the 4-legged's are allowed to swim in but they have to dry off before they are allowed back in the house! This is a good thing since Ricki Roux loves to swim in her water bowl and has turned our house into an indoor swimming pool. Aagghh! I've never seen a dog that likes water so much! She is healing quite nicely, acting her doofus self entertaining us humans with her pup-like antics. Both of the lovely ladies are runners and go run on the bayou every morning. Ricki Roux will be able to use up some of the exuberant energy that is part of her character! As for the "Roux" part of her name now, it's traditional for these ladies to have a little coon*ss flair in their 4-legged's name since one of them proudly hails from the Louisiana area! Life is good! There are wonderful people on this great planet we live on! Let's have one more WooHoo to celebrate happy endings!


  1. Happy endings are the best. So pleased Ricki Roux is recovering well and has a new Furever home to go to.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  2. That's a fantastic outcome. Thank you for all your hard work and patience. Ricki Roux will be forever thankful

  3. Woohoo for Ricki Roux! We hope she just loooooves her new furever home!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches