16 July 2009

pouting because...

Poor Bentley. The nephews got to meet the Mama at James Coney Island for lunch yesterday and we enjoyed his favorite snack (other than hamburgers), without him. They even got cute hats from the management because they are little holy heathens! That would be our pet name for them when they are full of too much energy! Bentley knows all about coney's from that establishment. We always used to drive through there after work on a long weekend after leaving the grooming shop on Sunday's. It is our special little treat still- just can't go into the actual store as they don't allow 4-legged's in. We just go through the drive-through and get 2 dogs for him and two for me these days. Also, a large frozen lemonade shared with sticky beard boy is always fun! The Bentman has acquired a taste for cold, tart and refreshing beverages from there! Don't let him fool you- he'll be happy soon enough when we go by there for his weekly fix!


  1. A frozen lemonade? Yum! May we join you next time you go for your weekly fix? We're sure it must be delicious!

    Drooling, just thinking about it,
    Jake and Fergi

  2. Holy heathens? Sounds like Airedales!
    Sherry, Alanis (holy) & Miro (heathen)