31 August 2009

She's back.....

She that eats food bowls if they're empty. Bentley only flips them to let us know they need more food in them. She that has eaten three of my shoes since yesterday afternoon. She that has more toys than any dog in the world plus all the toys that aren't hers. She that is so cute but quite obviously still a puppy with incredible amounts of energy. Drum roll please- Miss Ricki Roux has come back to stay! After a stay with her new family for a few weeks, it became apparent that the old boy Beaux was retreating into himself and not participating in any of his favorite activities anymore. After trying all possible avenues to convince him that he was not being replaced by a wild child, it was decided that Roux would come back to her original pack and live here with us. She learned some more commands while there and became accustomed to a bit more exercise but we will try to follow through. We have to after this latest round of chewing. If you have any suggestions for a chewer, we welcome any and all suggestions. See exhibits posted of gross negligence on my part. I will say they were on the shoe shelf where they belong, though....See picture of Bentley smiling because he knows she got into terrible trouble. Hmmm. Almost like he told her to do it.

26 August 2009

happy endings really happen....

First of all- Bentley is doing very well. He is back to waking up the other Mama at 5 or 5:30 in the AM if she's not up yet. That is a good sign; when he's not well- well, he lays around in bed till all hours of the morning. I'll take his loud mouth any 'ole day waking us up! The happy ending is a wee bit longer. After we sent Miss Roux on to her fur-ever home, Kris mentioned it was kinda quiet around here. Naturally, we had to take into consideration that Bentley wasn't on top of his game yet. But, the Texas Airedale Rescue Team got hit really hard with about 11 rescues and we needed fosters as soon possible. So....with a few things to get in order, like preparing for Fall semester classes, getting Bentley better, going to see Wicked the Musical (it was awesome), working on my fund raiser decoupage Airedale boxes to raise money for Airedale rescue,etc. I made some calls to Cheryl (TART) our coordinator in Austin. Then some more to the Austin/Georgetown area, where a lovely senior girl named Ella was being temporarily fostered in a house without a doggy door. Ella is approximately 10, has a bladder tumor that she is on medication for and needed to have access to a doggy door since she needed to pee often. They said she was great. Anyways, our house fit the bill and I figured that she and the Bentman would be fine together. The old ones are harder to place and most of us have a really big soft spot in our hearts for them! I was going to get her from Georgetown next week. When I got home from school today this is the e-mail I opened and read from one of the TART coordinators and want to share with you:

On August 24th, barely daring to hope, Jane M. of Red Oak, TX., sent a
note to me (Cheryl Silver--with TART) in Austin,TX. Her
question--"Where did the 'dale listed on Petfinder as "Ella" come from?
She had lost her Airedale girl on the 4th of July and all efforts to
find her had failed--reports of sightings had dwindled down to nothing.
The way the old girl was squatting to potty in one of the pictures
reminded Jane of her 'dale, Jessie, who has a bladder tumor for which
she was taking medication..

It was close to 9 p.m. when I got her email. Seems she had been at
work and someone had a radio playing on station KRLD. Her ears perked
up when she heard an announcement about the KRLD Pet of the Week--an
Airedale named Maggie. Jane dared to hope that someone had found
Jessie, turned her in to a shelter and named her Maggie. She looked up
Maggie on Petfinder only to discover that Maggie was an Airedale-mix,
cute--but not her Jessie. Scrolling through the other postings she saw

Ella had come to TART through a shelter in Cedar Hill (about 15 miles
from Red Oak) where she was picked up as a stray. She was clearly
elderly and emaciated but very sweet. TART volunteer, Tom Bambrick,
pulled her out of the shelter and delivered her to the nurturing hands
of TART volunteer, Melissa Sibley who has a kennel in Cedar Hill.
Ella was promptly delivered to the vet who declined to give her any
vaccines except bordatella due to her tenuous condition. A few days
later Ella came to Becky's kennel and vetted more intensively- -the
bladder tumor was discovered and she was started on Piroxicam--the same
medication Jessie was prescribed.

Ella was weak but determined. She would eat with gusto and, when a
foster home with two large Maine Coon cats was set up, she would take
great interest in the kitties but she never bothered them. Her foster
mom, Marcia, discovered that Ella adored both cantaloupe and her cushy
dog bed and she welcomed all visitors to the home. She was clearly
house trained. Ella was clear about telling Marcia when she wanted a
walk through the comfy Rosedale neighborhood in central Austin. The
neighbors welcomed this old girl who was gaining strength by the hour
and her coquettish glances were duly noticed..... she is such a flirt.

Jane and I talked at length about the 'dale in our care. I assured her
that in the morning Becky would use the name "Jessie" with Ella to see
how she responded. Through the evening, Jane sent numerous posts
providing information to help identify her Jessie. Jessie had a mole;
Jessie had experienced hematomas in her ears leaving them
thickened... ...everything pointed to Ella being her Jessie. Jane's
sister sent some pix of Jessie taken within the past two
years....... clearly the grinning girl in the pictures looked like Ella.

In the morning all doubt was erased when Ella began a happy dance when
Becky addressed her as "Jessie." Jessie's family was notified and
before the sun set they had driven to Georgetown to get their beloved
girl. It was a joyous reunion with Jessie nearly jumping into her
mom's lap....not bad for an old girl.

So there have been lots of smiles in central Texas for the past 24 hours
and one of the sweetest smiles is Jessie's.... .....what a girl.
Oh--Jessie's mom has offered to help TART in the future...... no bad!

*I have contacted KRLD about the story. They may do a story on the
**Jessie was reported to NAR on July 5 but when we learned of her 3
weeks later in a different town we did not make the connection.* *

A BIG GIANT AAAIIIRRREE-OOOO FOR JESSIE AND HER FAMILY! Who says that happy endings don't come true? Have a great day from all of us in Texas!

14 August 2009

ditto Gary Larson's quote...

Not 100% yet but he's acting more like himself. He and I wanted to pass on this quote from Gary Larson. It sums up how we feel about any kind of animal fighting.

"I don't believe in the concept of hell, but if I did, I would like to think of it as filled with people who were cruel to animals." Gary Larson

13 August 2009

dogs get colds too?

Over the couple of weeks, Bentley hasn't been his usual self and sleeping an unnatural amount- even for him. At first, I thought it was because of the foster puppygirl Roux and his slight jealousy towards her. Roux demanded a lot of attention because of her age and the situation she came from and it was hard to even out the play time required amongst all of the 4-legged's. We tried and did a fairly good job of it. But, Bentley seemed a little put out since he was getting so much of his quality time with me. I chalked it up to the situation at hand. Five dogs is a lot and I give a big round of applause to all that do it daily. Needless to say, we enjoyed every second of our time with her while she was here and are happy to announce that Miss Roux has gone to her forever home with her new family as of Monday night! But back to the Bentman- he had developed over the last few weeks an odd sounding cough/snuffling sound and a lack of interest in everything. He perked up at walks but wasn't wanting to run with me and tired very easily. I verified that it was not kennel cough but some sort of wheeziness with a clear drippy nose and a total lack of energy; definitely not my goofy-acting Bentley boy. So off to the Vet. we go. No temp. and he has lost a lb. or two. Well- I knew that part because he's been off his food too. The nice Vet. lady gave him antibiotics for upper respiratory/allergies. Nothing stuck in his nostrils. Heart and lungs sound good- just a wheezy nose and sounds like he has sinus/ cold/ allergy stuff like a human. Interesting. We'll see. I'm keeping a close eye on him. I won't use any more essential oils on my vacuum cleaner filter even though it smells good because he may be reacting to those. Unfortunately, my boy has reacted to unknown irritants in the past and I keep children's antihistamine on hand. It is frustrating since they can't tell you what is wrong so everything you've ever read or heard about pops through your overactive imagination to frighten you worse. The Bentman does have a history of ehrlichia and babesiosis from when we lived in West Texas. Even went through a series of shots similar to what humans go through for malaria for the babesiosis. So I am constantly watching for any recurrence of problems that may present themselves due to his history. He finally got his voice back last night telling me it was time to go to the park. No inside voice for him- just non-stop loudness till I put his leash on him. It wasn't our normal walk/jog but it was a good start. And he did get out of bed earlier today than he has been. A little before 7:30 but still not his normal 5 to 6 am wake-up with the other Mama. Please send a little Aire-Zen his way.

10 August 2009

07 August 2009

what's in your purse?

and I wonder why my shoulders hurt. There was a commercial the other night on t.v. asking about getting enough of the daily dietary requirement of fruit and vegetables in your life. It flashed on a woman pulling a bruised banana out of her purse and I could relate. Usually, I carry a banana, a baggy of nuts and a bottle of water to school with me so I can have a bit of something to get my brain in gear. Sometimes, I forget about the banana or just can't find it for a day or two. Yeah, I know. I did learn to clean out my rolling book bag more often between semesters. Between Winter and Spring semesters this last year, I found a dried black, dusty, husky shell of a banana in it. Eeeuuww- I know. So, back to the purse. I decided to take inventory of it after seeing that commercial. This is what I found. Numerous pens, pencils, lead to pencils that had fallen out, an erasure from one of the pencils, lot's of paper's with crap written all over them, receipts from the grocery, Nicoderm patches that I'm supposed to start wearing one of these days, matches , lighters, my checkbook, my big-a%$&* wallet that "gawd only knows" what's in it (didn't have the heart to pull it apart), various prescriptions, allergy pills for me to take because of my Aunt's cat that I'm allergic to, lipstick, Chapstick, a spoon for the yogurt that I sometimes put in my purse to eat while at school, 3 paint can openers, only one dog biscuit, nail polish, a bottle of water, gum, the leather pouch for my carry around camera that's not in there, cocoa butter for my dry skin, itchy scalp lotion for psoriasis, to go Splenda tablets, hair picks, face powder, eyeliner and new contact lenses in original cases from the eye-doctor. Oh, and tweezers, a single herbal tablet for stress care, a Crystal Light packet from my friend Kathy for immunity (from what? Myself!!), a couple of Hot Tamale candies that fell out from their box, some smushed York peppermint candy patties, a measuring tape, and my favorite tissues that are imprinted with "I see London-I see France-I travel the world in frilly underpants!" Those are from Hobby Lobby! At least today I didn't pull out one of the many dog leads or books that is usually in there. For the sake of all, I won't go into detail about the large amounts of tobacco and trash that was in the bottom of said purse. But let me tell you this, I could survive on a small island in the middle of nowhere if my plane went down. At least for a few days! Should I be embarrassed? What's in your purse? Go ahead and tell me; inquiring minds want to know!

05 August 2009

It's only Weds....

Just a long ramble about the week so far: It began with an e-mail late Saturday night after coming home from going to see the Counting Crows. Earlier during the day, we wasted about 5 hours on car shopping. Aagghh. Anyway, checked my e-mail when we'd gotten home and there was a post about an Airedale left in League City's 24 hour Animal Hospital by the local cops. They'd found him wandering in the middle of a crazy, busy intersection at 2 AM and couldn't get the Animal Control to open for an intake. The next morning, all the calls were made and yes, it was verified- an honest to gawd Airedale. Another TART member and I made all the arrangements for him to stay a day or two at a local Vet's clinic in Friendswood and Kris and I went to pick him up for transport. He was an old guy of about ten, with a recent grooming and very sweet. Of course, Kris was worried what would happen to him. I assured her that he would be well taken care of, one way or another. We left him in the care a very nice Vet. Tech. at the Animal Clinic that has wonderfully painted murals of Airedales on the walls. See the picture of him! His Dad called me the next morning in a panic. Apparently, the doggy Dad had gone out of town Friday, the three doggies were being fed by a neighbor, the gate didn't latch well after a feeding Friday night and they all escaped. Fortunately, they were all returned safely. Then, on Monday, I took care of Hyundai car stuff- windshield replaced(crack in it), etc. Supposedly, it makes a big difference in your trade in when it all looks pretty. Hmmppff. I won't go into detail, but let me say this about shopping for a new vehicle- NOT Fun. It's really hard to get a solid answer from some of these guys. Two dealerships, days and hours later (I quit counting), we came home with a new Alien green KIA Soul (pic in driveway). Not gonna do this again for another five years or till the 4-runner dies. The new car is cute and looks like an alien roller skate on steroids sitting in our driveway. But the best part is 32 miles per gallon. We still have my Toyota 4-runner with it's dismal mileage but it's paid for! It also can transport most anything- including numerous large Airedales and friends! Back to the story- after getting the paperwork signed and driving away at 9:30 in our new Alien roller skate, we still had to pick up the little Roux girl(formerly known as Ricki-see her pic-) from her new Momma's. I think they're in love with her! They had her for 3 days over the weekend but were leaving to go to Oregon for a week. So, she was the first 4-legged to catch a ride in the new Alien. She gets to go to her forever home permanently next week when they get back! Last night, I let her sleep free with her crate door open and she didn't eat anything! Oops. Maybe I just jinxed myself- oh well! My sister and I helped my Aunt and Uncle move a few things yesterday to the house they'll be sharing with my cousin. My Uncle and I entertain each other twice a week while my Aunt gets to run errands and get some free time to herself. Uncle Henry has Alzheimer's so it makes it hard on her to do the normal everyday stuff like going to the grocery. He has a porch swing that he likes to sit on in the shade. Did you know you can stuff one of those in the back of a 4-runner?!! Well, sort of- it was kinda of funny and we looked like the Beverly Hillbilly's going down the road but we did it! Life is always an adventure, my Grandmother used to say! Looking forward to the rest of the week. Have a good one ya'll!

Bentley's Momma

03 August 2009

Long and wordy post....

I was going to blog something fun today but as I read this e-mail sent to me from an animal loving friend, I decided this was what I was supposed to post today. I know all of you Blogger followers love the creatures of our world but there are some people out there that are still in need of a little persuasion in realizing that the shelters, humane society's and animal control's are unable to place all of the 2 and 4-legged's in new homes. Unfortunately, the reality is that the public is just not eduacated in how badly the rescues are overcrowded all across America. Just the other day, I was reading about someone needing to rehome their animal and the suggestions were to take it to the SPCA or similar places. Most of these places are having to euthanize ungodly numbers of pets due to not enough people adopting and just plain old overcrowding issues. For some reason, humans are able to find ridiculous excuses as to why they have to abandon their critters in this so-called economic crisis. Everyday I read about litters of puppies and kittens taped up in cardboard boxes on the side of highways, etc. They tie them to trees leaving a bowl of water and little food and move away with any second thoughts. What the !@#**? There is more but I won't go there- most of us know these things. So...please pass this on to any and all you may know that need a little nudge to make the right decision. Remind them of the wonderful rescue organizations that are willing to help and how a little spare change can go a long way to help feed a hungry critter! Thanks for reading my rant today. Have a great week ya'll! And go give your pet a hug for me!

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mohandas Gandhi

It begins like this: If you know someone who wants to rehome or "get rid" of their dog please read....

A man in
Grand Rapids , Michigan incredibly took out a $7000 full page ad in the paper to present the following essay to the people of his community.


- By Jim Willis, 2001

When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. You called me your child, and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw pillows, I became your best friend. Whenever I was "bad," you'd shake your finger at me and ask "How could you?" -- but then you'd relent and roll me over for a belly rub. My housebreaking took a little longer than expected, because you were terribly busy, but we worked on that together. I remember those nights of nuzzling you in bed and listening to your confidences and secret dreams and I believed that life could not be any more perfect. We went for long walks and runs in the park, car rides, stops for ice cream(I only got the cone because "ice cream is bad for dogs" you said) and I took long naps in the sun waiting for you to come home at the end of the day. Gradually, you began spending more time at work and on your career and more time searching for a human mate. I waited for you patiently, comforted you through heartbreaks and disappointments, never chided you about bad decisions and romped with glee at your homecomings and when you fell in love. She, now your wife, is not a "dog person" - - still I welcomed her into our home, tried to show her affection and obeyed her. I was happy because you were happy. Then the human babies came along and I shared your excitement. I was fascinated by their pinkness, how they smelled and I wanted to mother them too. Only she and you worried that I might hurt them and I spent most of my time banished to another room or to a dog crate. Oh, how I wanted to love them, but I became a "prisoner of love." As they began to grow, I became their friend. They clung to my fur and pulled themselves up on wobbly legs, poked fingers in my eyes, investigated my ears and gave me kisses on my nose. I loved everything about them and their touch -- because your touch was now so infrequent -- and I would've defended them with my life if need be. I would sneak into their beds and listen to their worries and secret dreams and together we waited for the sound of your car in the driveway. There had been a time, when others asked you if you had a dog, that you produced a photo of me from your wallet and told them stories about me. These past few years, you just answered "yes" and changed the subject. I had gone from being "your dog" to "just a dog" and you resented every expenditure on my behalf. Now, you have a new career opportunity in another city and you and they will be moving to an apartment that does not allow pets. You've made the right decision for your "family," but there was a time when I was your only family. I was excited about the car ride until we arrived at the animal shelter. It smelled of dogs and cats, of fear, of hopelessness. You filled out the paperwork and said "I know you will find a good home for her." They shrugged and gave you a pained look. They understand the realities facing a middle-aged dog, even one with "papers." You had to pry your son's fingers loose from my collar as he screamed "No, Daddy! Please don't let them take my dog!" And I worried for him, and what lessons you had just taught him about friendship and loyalty, about love and responsibility,
and about respect for all life. You gave me a good-bye pat on the head, avoided my eyes and politely refused to take my collar and leash with you. You had a deadline to meet and now I have one, too. After you left, the two nice ladies said you probably knew about your upcoming move months ago and made no attempt to find me another good home. They shook their heads and asked,
"How could you?" They are as attentive to us here in the shelter as their busy schedules allow. They feed us, of course, but I lost my appetite days ago. At first, whenever anyone passed my pen, I rushed to the front, hoping it was you that you had changed your mind -- that this was all a bad dream... or I hoped it would at least be someone who cared, anyone who might save me. When I realized I could not compete with the frolicking for attention of happy puppies, oblivious to their own fate, I retreated to a far corner and waited. I heard her footsteps as she came for me at the end of the day and I padded along the aisle after her to a separate room. A blissfully quiet room. She placed me on the table and rubbed my ears and told me not to worry. My heart pounded in anticipation of what was to come, but there was also a sense of relief. The prisoner of love had run out of days. As is my nature, I was more concerned about her. The burden which she bears weighs heavily on her and I know that, the same way I knew your every mood. She gently placed a tourniquet around my foreleg as a tear ran down her cheek. I licked her hand in the same way I used to comfort you so many years ago. She expertly slid the hypodermic needle into my vein. As I felt the sting and the cool liquid coursing through my body, I lay down sleepily, looked into her kind eyes and murmured, "How could you?" Perhaps because she understood my dog speak, she said, "I'm so sorry." She hugged me, and hurriedly explained it was her job to make sure I went to a better place, where I wouldn't be ignored or abused or abandoned, or have to fend for myself -- a place of love and light so very different from this earthly place. And with my last bit of energy, I tried to convey to her with a thump of my tail that my "How could you?" was not directed at her. It was directed at you, My Beloved Master, I was thinking of you. I will think of you and wait for you forever. May everyone in your life continue to show you so much loyalty.

A Note from the Author: If "How Could You?" brought tears to your eyes as you read it, as it did to mine as I wrote it, it is because it is the composite story of the millions of formerly "owned" pets who die each year in American & Canadian animal shelters.

Please use this to help educate, on your websites, in newsletters, on animal shelter and vet office bulletin boards. Tell the public that the decision to add a pet to the family is an important one for life, that animals deserve our love and sensible care, that finding another appropriate home for your animal is your responsibility and any local humane society or animal welfare league can offer you good advice, and that all life is precious.

Please do your part to stop the killing, and encourage all spay & neuter campaigns in order to prevent unwanted animals. Please pass this on to everyone, not to hurt them or make them sad, but it could save maybe, even one, unwanted pet.

Remember...They love UNCONDITIONALLY.