31 August 2009

She's back.....

She that eats food bowls if they're empty. Bentley only flips them to let us know they need more food in them. She that has eaten three of my shoes since yesterday afternoon. She that has more toys than any dog in the world plus all the toys that aren't hers. She that is so cute but quite obviously still a puppy with incredible amounts of energy. Drum roll please- Miss Ricki Roux has come back to stay! After a stay with her new family for a few weeks, it became apparent that the old boy Beaux was retreating into himself and not participating in any of his favorite activities anymore. After trying all possible avenues to convince him that he was not being replaced by a wild child, it was decided that Roux would come back to her original pack and live here with us. She learned some more commands while there and became accustomed to a bit more exercise but we will try to follow through. We have to after this latest round of chewing. If you have any suggestions for a chewer, we welcome any and all suggestions. See exhibits posted of gross negligence on my part. I will say they were on the shoe shelf where they belong, though....See picture of Bentley smiling because he knows she got into terrible trouble. Hmmm. Almost like he told her to do it.


  1. She has not touched any of my shoes but then they do prefer the stinky stuff. I am just saying.....

  2. We took all the toys away from her. They just made her more excited. If she was really calm, we gave her a chew toy. Also we would play catch with her after a walk to make sure we drained as much energy as possible.

    As for the shoes, that meant she wanted a walk! But I'm sure that ours were stinky too!

  3. Oh, the happy family is reunited!!!
    There is some good toys out there for hard core chewers. Kong should have something interesting to play with too. There is usually a whole range of puppy theething toys avail at the locl pet store..

  4. How about an old tea towel soaked in water.... put in freezer and when suitably chilled/frozen offer it to her. It keeps gums cool and is disposable if it gets in a bit of a state. Best tried outside as can make flooring quite damp!

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  5. Yum, I love shoes but Mom grabs them away from me every time I so much as sniff at one. No fair!
    I am too much a lady to be interested.

  6. Yes I agree with molly Taffy and Monty ice is good Caz gives us ice cubes to keep our gums cool and also you can buy teething cool rings for the freezer. Good toys for chewing are also good to.