16 February 2009

Bridgette the Basset Hound comes to live with us...

Bridgette is a 12 year old senior and a laid back cutie. Her brother, Corky (schnauzer) left Sunday morning to go live in Idaho with Nancy, Marie's niece. So we brought her home with us Sunday after working on the new house all day. Bentley, Walter and Jax greeted us at the door when we got home with wagging tails and lots of loud and I do mean LOUD woofs. Well, that would have been Bentley. He is the vocal one and of course I encouraged it when he was a youngster not realizing it would continue forever. Anyway, the boys are missing us really bad but it's almost over on the house renovation and I'll be posting pictures soon. Well, Miss Bridgette just walked right in and made herself comfortable. Kris and I gave her a bath because she was a wee bit fragrant from escaping earlier in the day and taking a walkabout in the mud in a field down the street. And... she's a hound. They have that particular smell, ya know? Anyway, she gets out of her bath and runs off into the back living room and boy-o-boy is Bentley excited. You'd think he's just had a bath the way he's acting. Tuck-butt runs all around her, sliding all over the floor and talking to her. I could have rolled on the floor and laughed. Bridgette got up on the couch aand just looked at him as if he'd lost his mind. I know he just wished she was big enough to play with him but alas I think he needs a bigger play pal. Have a great week!

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