11 February 2009


Funny the stuff you find when you're moving. Kris is having to go through everything in the house because I can't make those kind of decisions for her. I have become a bit of a minimalist even though I have a collection of stuff that has come through the years with me. I'm not referring to stuff such as family heirlooms and such. Just weird stuff. Like sets of keys that no one has a clue to what they might open or start. And I think we could open an office supply store with all the pens and pencils we found. These pictures are Kris and her Mom, Barb going through treasure! Kris commenting, "Look what I found Ma!" And of course, Bentley is not amused. He's really not fond of packing and moving. It disturbs his space. Aaaaggghhhh! Boxes everywhere!


  1. You know you love all the stuff and someday we may need one of those keys!

  2. Mom has trouble parting with the craziest stuff too!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch