01 April 2009

word of the day: Nematoda

Phylum Nematoda: roundworms living in my backyard that are brightly colored in hues of pink, blue and yellow. Unfortunately, they don't reproduce without dollars spent at the local store.

Otherwise known as: really large toys from Walgreens that my Bentley boy loves to play with like a maniac.
Amount of time they last: depends on how many times I play tug of worm with him and fall down on my butt ripping the material so the fuzzy guts fall out.

Cost: Five dollars!
Enjoyment of interacting with him while acting like a canine myself: Priceless!

We've had other colors of this wormy toy in the past but they've all gone to the great worm heaven in the trash can. And by the way, the Bentman is still dodging the camera for some reason, so I'm having to be a real sneak to get any pictures of him lately. I won this round!

Have a great day. For now, my days will consist of studying like a mad scientist to pass my next Biology Exam in lab tomorrow and Lecture class next week!


  1. Good luck with the exam! Be sure to reference your yard infestation at some point during the lecture :)

  2. Hey! Another Airehead... oops, I mean AireDALE! (Sorry it just slipped out. It's thundering and snowing and sleeting all at the same time, and that rattles my brains a little. That's when I get silly.) We LOVE Airedales! Fergi is "in a relationship" with one! (We want to get him to move over here.) We are happy happy happy you stopped by, and we'd like to add you to our blog list of buddies. Is that okay?

    Come visit... anytime!
    Jake and Fergi

  3. We have a bright yellow loofa dog! They're fun to rip to shreads! hehehe Mom says they're not Airedale tuff!
    Good luck on your biology exam!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. We just love your loofa dogs they look great fun.

    Molly and Taffy.