21 April 2009

No words can describe this...

Please read this e-mail I received from a lady I know in Austin, Texas. She founded All Texas Dachshund rescue and has forwarded this on to as many people as possible. I will do my part too by posting on my blog and sending a donation. I will not post the pictures because they are quite graphic and awful and you will need to make that choice. Please read this note from Barbara, then click on link and go to the site to read more about this poor little Dachshund-girl named Joanie who actually has a chance.

Bentley's Mum

My name is Barbara Lewis and I am with All Texas Dachshund Rescue. I am writing to you to make a plea for each and every one of you to send prayers and healing rays to sweet, little Joanie.
She is a pathetic little thing that came into a shelter as a stray. The shelter sent out a plea asking for a rescue organization to take on, not only the care giving challenge of this dog,but the financial challenge as well. We (All Texas Dachshund Rescue) agreed to take that challenge and try our best to give this sweet little thing a second chance at life that she so deserves.
Please remember Joanie in your prayers and if you can spare a few dollars to go towards her care, it would be greatly appreciated. She is a sweet little thing, and as long is she is up for the fight for life, we will stand and fight beside her all the way. Please read her story at www.atdr.org Thank you, Barbara Lewis--Founder All Texas Dachshund Rescue

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  1. You KNOW we are advocates for rescue. Thanks for making this post. Come on over to our blog Friday morning.... we have something for you!
    Jake and Fergi :))