29 September 2009

Kitchen woes...

Yes, you guessed it. Roux has learned to counter-surf to the dismay of the two Momma's. After I got out of school yesterday, I went by Joe's Barbecue joint in Alvin to take advantage of their Monday special- chopped beef sandwiches for one dollar. Thinking they would be tiny offerings at this price, I bought four. Well.. the guy in front of me ordered three for himself so this led to my conclusion of special price, tiny little itsy bitsy sandwich. I was wrong. Realizing this when I arrived home and opening up the Styrofoam box I was pleased to see that there would extra for lunch today. Hmmppff- wrong again. I'd taken my sandwich back to the study room to eat when I heard a Roux noise. Now, this is just not any noise. It is a noise you all are probably familiar with. That special sound you hear when one of the four-legged's, in this case Roux, is getting into something she has no business getting into. You see, there haven't been any signs of dreaded counter-surfing habits before last night so I wasn't on guard for her new escapade. Roux, Roux, Roux- you act like a little heathen. Anyway, I immediately hauled a## to the kitchen to find a completely uneaten sandwich laying on the rug missing it's Styrofoam box. I poked my head out the window and there is Miss Roux happily shredding her newfound toy- the Box out on the grass. As I picked up the sandwich I started to laugh thinking what a dumb-butt. Here is a delicious chopped beef sandwich she could have been savoring from her thievery but No- she went for the Box instead! I cleaned up the mess and set a trap. Big cookie sheet with paper bag and empty box that must have smelled so inviting to her big black nose. On top of that, I put the scary penny water bottle for even more noise effects so when it falls, she will run for her life. That was last night. Still waiting. If I need to tempt her with more savory smelling items- I will. It is just a matter of time!


  1. Pssst! Roux! Listen up! I repeat, LISTEN UP! Your Moma is trying to trap ya. Catch ya. Break you of your new trick. Don't fall for it!

    Jake (and Fergi) xxoo

  2. We can't wait to see if Roux falls for it! Her nose will never let her down but curiosity might win out!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hee hee, too funny. Monty has started to shoe surf! Yep, it has been so much fun seeing the hoomans hoppping down the garden to collect thier shoes.

    Molly and Taffy

  4. That's the Dale in her coming through! What a clever cookie...and she will fall for the trap...our black little noses just can't help themselves.