06 May 2009

on no, it's wet dog Wednesday!

Bath Day! Hey, it's me, the Bentman and Bridgette and Walter and Jax. I guess since she's out of school she thinks she needs to do honey do's and things like this! This sucks but we'll oblige. Can you help us please..........?


  1. Oh, no! Bathday is much harder on the hooman than it is on us!...at least that's what our mom says! She only has enough energy to do one of us in a day!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. We had a long talk about this bath thingwhen I got home. It seems you made them suffer though all that and then didn't even have any Cheese burgers to reward them. They were not happy with you! Bridgette said she rolled in dirt first chance she got and then rolled all over the couch so you wouldn't have any where to sit. Walter said he was going to pee in your shoes. Bentley and Jax are equally irritated but are waiting until we have company to do something horrible and get thier payback.
    I explained to them that you have been very tired and stressed with finals and probably just didn't think about the cheese burgers. And I promised them it would not happen again. I think they are ok now - Jax grumped off to his corner and Bridgette looked a little sheepish since she had already punished you. Not so sure though so maybe you should make Cheeseburgers today for all of us, and before you put on any of your shoes look carefully....

  3. ok that wasn't Samantha - she must have signed in on my computer.

  4. So what's the problem? We love our baths! We especially love the chaos and mayhem that follows them! Running. Rolling. Rubbing. Roughhousing. Rumpling. The only help we can offer is to consider an attitude adjustment. Think about the awe the humines will experience as they witness the après-bath demonstration. It may make it all worth it!

    Jake and Fergi (about due for baths of our own!)