11 March 2009

They don't like Bath Day!

For some reason the 4-legged crew decided they didn't want a bath today. They were starting to smell a bit doggy so....into the tub goes Bentley. Then it was Bridgette's turn. Neither one really wanted to cooperate and I ended up soaked as did the whole bathroom with about 20 towels used. Hmm. After they had been dried and brushed out again, I realized my Bentman was beginning to look like a bear and needed a haircut. It is not his favorite thing to do but we compromise and do it in stages. I will finish the job over the weekend but both the Bentman and Bridgette have on their new bandanna's and are looking quite spiffy for the spring-like weather Houston is experiencing. Please ignore the Bentman's legs, they are still extremely hairy and are not done yet. For some reason he has also decided he doesn't like getting his picture taken anymore and ran from the camara every time I pointed it at him. It made me laugh because he tucks in his tail and looks like a Ninja Turtle with his butt tucked so far under when fleeing from the monsterous camera. I assume he was trying to hide from me in the backyard but I succeeded in taking a few pics anyway! Have a great day!

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