03 June 2009

Two of my unfavorite things ...

I don't like camera's and baths
and that's not what it takes
to love me
Like I wanna be loved by you!

She said I smelled wrong? Maybe a little like the backyard? Normally she tells I smell like corn tortilla's and coffee!
And she trimmed my beard-
but I like to rub my wet face all over everything.

Your friend,
The Bentman


  1. Tortillas and coffee are a match made in heaven, who would want to scrub that off? Wetface furniture painting is a great time. Sounds like you need to run for cover before all of the fun is washed off of you...

  2. Bentley how on earth could you not smell right and as for having your beard cut off!!!!

    If you want to come and visit us for a while you are most welcome.

    MOlly and Taffy