18 November 2009

Chunky monkey?

Have you ever heard of such? She (the Momma) called me a chunky monkey and she said I needed to lose a lb. or two, maybe three! Hmmppff! The Momma realized this when she was looking at my pictures after she downloaded them. Basically, all it is- is haire; lots of winter coat coming on and she's been a wee bit lax on getting my haire cut. That's my opinion! Just because it's not my favorite thing in the world and she's been too busy with school, working on building a shed for the backyard, doing whatever humans do- it's not my fault. AND, I get lot's of exercise playing with my newest toy, Roux. She is mine and I love her even if she is a non-stop moving energized maniac. I have to play biteyface with her at 6 in the morning. The Momma just doesn't understand- I need lots of food to keep my energy level up! I can't help it if I'm kinda stocky and my legs aren't as long as my sister's. It's pure muscle and I use it well, I say! Uh-oh, here she comes with that clipper bag. Bet she's gonna make me take a bath too. Says she wants to get a good look at what's underneath my haire! Gotta run!

Till next time,
Bentley Beargrass!


  1. Poor Bentley! I feel for ya! The last time I, Patches got clipped, they sheared me like a sheepie!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  2. We don't care what THEY say, we love you either way, fat or not, hairy or not...we'll always be your fans!!

  3. 6:00 AM? I think Mr. Bentley that your AireClock is off because when you wake me up to let her play with you it is always way before 6:00 - If you would wait til 6:00 I might not be so grumpy. And you can blame it on hair all you want but I know we have been filling those bowls a whole lot more often and it is pretty obvious to look at you that Roux is not the one eating all of it. We Love you anyway but Chunky Monkey fits pretty well these days.
    Love You Lot's!
    Momma #2

  4. Bently,
    Run, Run fast. You can get away, I know you can.
    Sally Ann

  5. Bentley. You can always also use the excuse of "baby fat." That one seems to work for a long time. We, by the way, think you look absolutely perfect. Just as you are.

    Jake and Fergs

  6. You're not phat, Bentley - just big boned!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Bentley did you escape the clippers? Are you still running to get away from them, if so you must be sooooooooooo skinny by now. Have another bowl of food. :-)

    Molly, Taffy and Monty