03 December 2009

A Dollar a Minute....

Look what the Mama brought home! PetSmart Donation Toys! WooHoo!
Darn- she's got that flashy thing out again....maybe I'll just stand here and not move.
Or maybe not.
The game is on. How long do you think before Roux the Chew destroys it?
Bentley helped. He acts like such a goody-two-shoe. Hmpfff!
Bored now. What else can I get her blamed for?

Side note: Yes, I did buy two stuffies but I picked one of them up and hid it after I saw the tug of war start. It's always fun watching the two of them act like the maniacs they can be. Anyway, have a great end of the week. We're supposed to get slushy, icy wet cold stuff tomorrow. Blah.

1 comment:

  1. You go right ahead and rip them to pieces, that's what they are for, right?!