26 March 2010

Auntie Jane's Journal Day 4

I skipped Saturday's entry. The most significant remark once again was how much Walter loved the small doggie bed. Need I say more?

Day March 14, 2010:
Everyone including Little Man Jax is outside sunbathing except Bentley. He has really warmed up to me. And he is eating! Bridgette on the other hand has been the one that can't get happy about food. She wants to flip them over when full? 
Swept the floors today; great vacuum; used the Swifter too- works very well. Roux barked liked a maniac at the top of her lungs....
All the other pups hauled a@# outside as fast as the doggie door would allow. Except Jax, and he was all comfy in his bed asleep. Funny.Roux finally stopped barking and trying to attack the vacuum cleaner after a couple of minutes. Seemed a lot longer though.Everyone finally calmed down and took a nap. Whew! Part 2 of that Day:
The walk went fairly well. But I am worried about Bridgette. She just
fell over like she was dead right when they walked back in. She wasn't but it
was like she couldn't go any longer or further. The walk didn't take very long but the pups are exhausted. Except for Walter- Spaz Energy Dog. It was so cute- Bentley and Roux came running to me when the dog walker got here. They needed comfort looking at me like "What is that lady here for?" Help me. I guess they're all big wussy's or something! It really made me feel special that they came to me for security. That is the biggest payment of all! I love your pups. And they love me back. At the moment, Jax is on my left hip curled up; not under his blanket in his bed. Another great day. Everyone is sleeping. Me too- soon!

So, just so all of you know- Bridgette always does that after her walks but Auntie Jane was concerned enough to call us in Florida. We knew exactly where she was going with her line of questioning when we got the call. Walks are Bridgette's favorite thing in the whole world except maybe for counter-surfing. And she is 16 years old. We let her have her walks. They are just not as long as she would prefer. If it ends up being her last walk that takes her to the R.B., then so be it. I want to go out doing what I love too. Have a great weekend and do what you love!

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