15 April 2010

Gotta love 'im...

This is what I found in my backyard today. Broken snapdragons. I am also missing a few marigolds. Orange ones. Found them in Roux's poop at the park today while doing my responsible canine owner duty of picking it up with my trusty little black bags and discovered weird orange things in it.

EewUgh. Yuck!


I remembered yesterdays events. The men came to survey the property. At the same time, the termite inspection guy showed up. As did the inspection lady.
Into the kennel goes Roux, Bridgette, and Bentley. Into the crate goes Jax and Walter. Whew. Success. Open all the gates. Kris was working at home and on a conference call. I'm trying to make sense of some Algebra homework. Every once in awhile, I look out into the backyard to make sure all is ok. Uh oh. What do I see, but a larger version of this hole and only the Bentman sitting there in the kennel staring first at the hole, then over at me. Thank goD, he's a big boy and couldn't fit through there. But aagghh- all the gates are open and two dogs have escaped. Think, think, think real hard about what Roux was doing earlier when I checked on them. I rewind my brain and remember thinking what an idiot Roux was acting like trying to eat the chainlink kennel siding. Nope. I'm the idiot that didn't think she would succeed in tearing it apart to make an escape hole big enough for herself and Bridgette. Fast forward to me swearing and running out the front door barefoot at breakneck speed. I spot Bridgette a few houses down and bribe her with the words "cookies, ya want a cookie?" It works and she runs back home. Roux on the other other hand, has her nose to the ground and is on a scent trail like she's a specially trained hound dog or something. So I run back in, grab my car keys, jump in the 4-Runner, still bare-foot, and go after her. Roux is like her brother, Bentley and just loves to go for rides. I get down to the house she is currently sniffing and call out her
name. She runs around to the driver side and makes a spectacular leap over me into the passenger seat.
Thank the powers that be!
Exciting but I've had enough.

And now my pretty flowers are- well- Poop.
What else can I say?

How was your week?


  1. Thank doG for happen endings! This kinda stuff scares our mom to pieces!
    What a bummer about your pretty flowers.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Too bad Roux can't take that algebra class for you - she's so darned smart she'd probably get all A's!

  3. You have HOW MANY dogs now? I've lost track.

  4. My week was significantly easier than yours by the sound of it! Ready for a drink? :)

  5. Moma couldn't finish reading this post. It's her worst nightmare. 'Specially since we don't crave cookies or rides in the car. Or whatever.

    Oh well. All's well that ends well. At home. Safe. Flowers or no flowers. (They'll grow.)

    Jake and Fergi xxoo