11 May 2010

What's in a name?

I was reading on the ADTLovers Yahoo List today about a contest from the group moderator concerning the nicknames we have for our dogs. Apparently this contest started and ended before I read the posting. No big deal, I enjoy reading the responses as I tend to just lurk there. It did make think about all the silly names we call our critters. And with 5 dogs in this house, it can get a little confusing when you are looking at Jax and saying Walter. The 4-legged's tend to look at you as if you've lost your mind. 

I guess I'll explain to those of you that are wondering about why we have 5 dogs. Originally there was Kris and she had Jax and Walter the Chihuahuas. Then there was Bentley. and me. This was about two years ago. So that made a dog and 1/2. Bentley made up a whole dog and the Chi's only made up about one of his legs. So- make that a dog and a 1/4. Then our friend Marie went to heaven and she had three dogs- Bridgette the Bassett, Corky the Schnauzer and Itty Bitty the little Bastard (Chihuahua). Nancy, Marie's niece took Corky to go live in Pocatella, Idaho with her and the little bastard went to go live the nice Vet. lady that wanted him. Thank doG for the Vet. lady 'cause he is a snappy boy! We took Bridgette to live with us because we promised Marie that all of her babies would be well taken care of when her time to go came. Funny thing about Bridgette is that somehow everyone kept saying she was twelve for years. After putting 2 and 2 together, we realized she is more like 16 or seventeen years old. She doesn't act it though. Bridgette has slowed down a bit but you'd never know it when we go walking in park. Being the hound dog that she is, she never slows down with her nose to the ground until we hit the front door and then she just flops down in the hallway for an hour like she's on her last breath.  

Back to why I started this post. Nicknames. Ours have quite a few but Roux probably has the most. There is the Crazy Roux, the Rouxster, Roux Boux, Chew Roux, Water Roux, Nosy Rosie, Doofus Dog, Cuddle Bug, and Lover Girl. She is a clown but so sweet. Roux reminds me of my Rosie Red that was with me for almost 16 years. Rosie was always the good girl that never did anything wrong. Roux is nosy like she was and just as lovey. But- Roux is also a crazy girl and likes to be into everything. NOSY! Can't help but love her. It was meant to be when we went the pound that day last summer to see if she was an Airedale. Who cares if she's not. It was fate that brought her to us!

Then we have Bridgette. She is known for her backyard antics. The nicknames include Mud Dog, Dirt Devil, "Get out of my damn flowerbed"- just kidding, Hound Dog ( I sing Elvis's version to her), and Bridgie- pronounced with a French accent.  

Walter is just Walter for Kris's Grandfather (she'll have to explain that one). Also Walter Woo because he's so cute and takes the funniest pictures. Sometimes he is called Pain in the A@# because he has to be on you wherever you are lounging and he also thinks he is the house guard dog. Hmm- Lounge Lizard might be a good nickname too!

Jax is just Jax the Little Man. He is sweet and has learned to mouthy from his big brother Bentley. Jax taught me to not be scared of Chihuahuas. I'd never met a nice one till him. My Grandmother in Oklahoma always had mean ones that wanted to eat your ankles so I wasn't too fond of the breed due to childhood memories. Jax and Walter have changed my thinking on that. 

Then there is Bentley Beargrass Meyer. My big boy that I got at 6 weeks old in West Texas and had a little Monkey Butt. He gets called Bentley Bear when he is being sweet. He is called the Bentmeister. And the Bentman. Mr. B. And Stubborn Mule Boy when we are at the park and he doesn't want to go home. He love to watch the guys play soccer. He will sit down and you cannot budge him for the world. Oh yeah- and Chunky Monkey when his weight is over 80 lbs like it is right now.  We also call him mouthy boy or plain 'ole "loud mouth" because he is extremely vocal and it is  really LOUD when he wants you to pay attention to him. He is knows he is my favorite Airedale Boy in the World! 

They are all my favorite's. They bring me joy and make me laugh when I am in a crappy mood. They never cease to amaze me with their silly antics and exuberance for life. They are always happy to see me. And I am really thankful and blessed to have them share my life with Kris.

So, what nicknames do you call your 4-legged's? Would love to hear what they are! Hope ya'll have a great day!

Karen Raye