24 November 2011

The rest of the "Things I am thankful for" list...

 My list should have numbered 100 but sometimes I make an oops when I copy and paste. Laughing at myself again...Have a great Thanksgiving!
72.      My aunt Loretta and the love she shared with my Uncle Henry.
73.      Remembering my Mom’s passion for life.
74.      The hill country in Texas
75.      Roller coasters
76.      That God gave me lots of patience…
77.      Kris needing me to fix the pie crust and make it pretty!
78.      AssistHers
79.      People that volunteer to help others.
80.  Foster dog failures that were meant to be
81.  Bird of Paradise Yankee Candles
82.  My 2 vacuum cleaners
83.  Good steak on the grill
84.  Sunshine
85.  Big orange harvest moons
86.  Winnie the Pooh
87.  Dr. Seuss
88.  People that remind me of Eeyore
89.  Old lesbians
90.  Not being afraid of life
91.  Really cool shoes
92.  Giraffes
93.  The way Kris cooks ham when I am craving it.
94.  Borden’s egg-nog
95.  Hot dogs over a wood fire on Friday nights
96.  Road trips with Kathy and Kaylyn
97.  Sitting in the truck head banging to Devo’s Whip It song with them
98.  Visiting with good friends
99.  The knowledge that there is so much more than just this list that I am thankful for
    100. Adam Sandler’s The Thanksgiving Song


  1. I was just going to glance at the list but then I started reading every single item on both pages. Great list!

  2. It's it great when we all have so much to be thankful for!

    Hope Bentley Beargrass is doing well?

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx