02 October 2012

and then?

Good grief. Where does time go? Ever since we arrived back from our month long journey in Europe I haven't found the time to post. I finally finished the Rome post this morning on the travel blog. Here is the link- http://karenraye12.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/lest-we-forget-rome/ for those of you that are still interested.

It is so good to be home and I have thoroughly enjoyed the love and doggie kisses from all of our 4-legged's. It's funny how you miss all the loud woofs, crazy water puddles that the Roux leaves everywhere when she finishes getting a long drink, and the daily vacuuming. Wait a minute- I lie, not the vacuuming! Just the goofy doggie antics. I apologize for no pics but I will pick up the camera again soon. Until then, have a great week!


  1. I gave you a Sweet Blog award. If you want to pass it along, you have even more work to do!

  2. Our Mum followed your Mum's travels on FB. Sounds like she had a really good time.

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