27 March 2013

We won the weekly contest

At least that what it says on The Animal Rescue Site homepage! So this means we are in the running for the big 'ole grand prize if a miracle happens. We will continue to vote until April 28th and as Bentley told me this morning, "When that lady from the opera starts singing we'll know if we won again."

 This is the Bentman's "I'm tired of trying to make paws work on that computer. Your turn, Mumma."

Here's the link if you are so inclined for Texas Airedale Rescue Team
Shelter Name - Airedale
Shelter State - Texas
Click the search button
Click Vote, enter the Captcha Code and click o.k.
And don't forget to feed- hit the purple button after you vote.

Thanks! We are dancing here in Texas!

Till next time,
Karen Raye and my wonderful 4-legged's


  1. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee - we are so happy for TART and this is the 3rd time that we have voted today!
    Our paws are crossed that you win that grand prize!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Good news! I've been voting but I don't remember to do it every day.