07 June 2010

the Bentman and the camera..

He doesn't like the camera. I decided to pull it out yesterday and snap a few current pics. The Bentman was standing in the hallway playing with his new toy, one of those long wormy green ones that squeak, shaking his head like a maniac when he saw me with the camera and froze. Dropped the toy, tucked in his tail and backed into the corner. I knew he didn't like the camera much but usually he will humor me for a few poses. Not this time. So I put it away and he perked back up, still eying me warily but somewhat interested in his toy again. The Bentman has been doing some really weird things. He's back to staring off into the fireplace or at a wall for minutes at a time. Gets really freaked about all the thunderstorms we've been experiencing. He is real skittish and we are keeping an eye on him. It's not funny but he actually thought Kris's leg was a drumstick or something the other day too. Didn't hurt her but it was really freaky like he was confused or something. He is playing fine with all the other 4-legged's - especially his 'lil sis Roux. Regular bitey-face, etc. He's always been my goofy oddball- standoffish and a loner except when he wants loving but I must admit I'm worried. His back leg shakes a lot when he is laying down. Told the vet about this before but he said don't worry about it. I am worried and I think we are going to have a thyroid test done soon. What do you think?  Any other ideas? Am I just a paranoid mama?

Karen Raye with 
the Bentman


  1. We don't want to scare you of course but have you checked his vision? Our friend Max has been going blind since he was four and he gets a bit freaked out with noises and movement that he doesn't anticipate. He can get snappy and growly too although he really is a lamb. A lot of the symptoms you describe we have seen in Max. He gets the stares and thunderstorms mean a bad time for everyone present.
    Maybe seek the opinion of another vet too. You know best when something is up and you need a vet that takes you serious. He may well be in pain which could explain his behaviour.
    Poor Bentman. We hope he'll be ok.
    Lots of love, Inky and Molly

  2. We think a trip to the vet is definitely in order!
    Our paws are crossed that it's nothing serious! Keep us updated, okay?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Karen, BabyRocketDog has had the shakey back leg thing while at rest since she was young. The vet told us not to be concerned about it too. I never asked any other vets about it. I think I'll ask America's vet,Marty Becker, on his facebook what he thinks. Not sure if he'll answer such a medical question though. I'll let you know. x-Cassie (the human)

  4. A shaky leg is common among terriers; it could be unrelated to the other symptoms. But one thing's for sure--if you feel that Bentley isn't acting "OK," then you are right because you know him best. Please keep everybody updated.
    If he doesn't like the camera and hates thunderstorms, it's apparent that he's sensitive to noise (perhaps along with all the electrical stuff that goes with storms). My dogs have learned to associate treats with the camera. You could start by just having the camera in one hand and treats in the other, then get him used to the camera sound with treats, and so on.

  5. We're anxious to hear how this account comes to an end. At least the "weird behavior" part. The flashy box part ... well ... that's a famiiiar story. Fergi's the exact same way.

    Jake xx