22 June 2010

Wishing, hoping....

Hello boys and girls,

It's me- Bentley Beargrass. I thought you might have forgotten what I look like since the 2-legged can't get a good picture of me due to my dislike of that gadget these days so I let her take this one of me this morning. The goofy one behind me is my little sis Roux. She is trying to check on my tail because I have a hot spot and she thinks it is most fascinating. I also am fascinated by it but the 2-legged keeps putting some liquid spray stuff on it that makes it taste awful but she said it keeps me from worrying it. She threatened me with one of those cone-head thingys if I didn't leave it alone. Hmpf! All I know is that last week I had to go to the Vet mans office and he poked me with a needle to get some blood. I was really good and the 2-legged took me to the doggie store afterwards and drove me through one of those places where they hand you food through a window. But....guess what? When the 2-legged went for the results of the blood work, they were all skewed and the Vet man said he needed more blood. We went back yesterday. What a pain in my derrière I say. Actually they had to take the blood from my front leg. Just a little naked there now. As you can see, I am half naked and quite odd looking with half a hairecut from Sunday. I will only tolerate an hour or so of hairecutting at a time. The heat was so bad on Sunday that the 2-legged decided to finish me another day. Whew. I lucked out. Except I got a bath as did all of the 4-legged gang. Roux even got a hairecut but she likes all the attention when getting one. What a weirdo! Anyway, I am hoping to get my test results back late today so we will know if I am just being a grump-bucket or if something is really wrong.

Another thing I need to pass on is about Pretty Boy Floyd. The 2-legged checked on TART's Petfinder link last night and saw him posted. She e-mailed the TART people in Austin and found out he didn't work out. Apparently he was sleeping and someone startled him and he woke up growling baring his teeth. The family got worried and decided maybe he needed another family instead. Poor Pretty Boy....he probably is really confused now. Unfortunately, in this giant state of Texas the TART team doesn't have any other families able to foster right now so he is back at the aire-conditioned boarding facility in Georgetown with the nice people there. Please say a prayer for him that he gets a 2nd chance in a new forever family. This latest news makes me so sad.

I guess I should get off the keyboard now. The 2-legged just came in and gave me one of those looks. I think she needs to do some homework. What a geek. Talk to you soon!

Aire-hugs and woofs,
The Bentman


  1. Hey Bentley, I loved reading your writing you know? You look so cute with your half hairecut!!! I get half hairecuts too, mainly because I can't stand for too long due to my sore leggie, so mum does the clipper work + head one day, and then front legs the next, and back legs the day after. I hope your blood result comes back normal, I get those too quite a bit and mum is always a worry wart until she gets an e-mail attachment from my Auntie Janice telling her that I'm A-OK! I am getting more blood pokie this Friday coming up.

    I'm so sorry about Pretty Boy Floyd.... wish the family could have worked with him a little more... but I guess not everyone has the time. I'm sure in time, the right family will come along, I just hope it doesn't take too long....

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  2. Mom needs to start taking a couple of days to groom me instead of all in one day! I find it very exhausting now that I'm older!
    Our paws are crossed that Pretty Boy Floyd finds his forever home soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hi guys! I love your blog!! I hope we can be friends!
    Just stopping by while blog hopping!

    giant wet kisses,

  4. Thank you for allowing a photo, Mr. Bentley. You should let your fans see those gorgeous eyes and cute ears more often. We hope you are all A-OK and that hot spot heals up soon.
    Sherry, Alanis & Miro

  5. Hi Bentley..you really should have your phoo taken more often so we can all admire you.

    Sorry about the hot spot..they are a nuisance. Bad news about Pretty Boy all apws crossed here he gets a forever home soon.

    Our smokey bacon and peanut bubbles are bought for us specailly for woofers...they used to go in our bubble machine but it broke..so now we have the 2 legged one that blows em for us!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thuglets

  6. You are a beautiful boy, B-Man. We hope those blood tests will work out ok. Gee, you have us worried now.
    Hey, we have our paws crossed for Floyd. Gee, couldn't they have given him more time?
    It took our Molly a year to settle into our family. you just don't know what past those second hand puppies have had. Not fair...