14 July 2011

Countdown to surgery

Roux staying close to her Bentley...

For the Bentman. After numerous visits and dollars later plus firing two Vets.and going to one back in Houston(an hour away)it has been determined that Bentley will have his humongous spleen removed next week. It apparently has harbored chronic ehrlichia since he was three even though he was treated for it back then when we lived in West Texas doG- I hate that part of Texas (not really). Anyway, it is the cause of his muscle weakness (back legs and front legs now). He is currently not amused because he is not allowed to get on his couch or the 2-legged's bed. This is because he could hurt the humongous spleen and cause another bleed.  The Vet that I fired missed infection in anal gland and bladder infection so he is getting through that on top of everything else. But- not gonna blame- it is what it is and we are going forward.

I say countdown because all of this was found out on Friday and Monday from the new and wonderful Vet- Dr. Kivney. I didn't expect miracles but this lady has explained so much in 2 visits and 5 phone calls that I finally have hope that my boy will get better. Of course I am nervous and watching him like a hawk. So, we are at 5 days till the 8:30 AM appointment with surgeon next Tuesday. 

Wish us luck and send some Zen so the Bentman recovers nicely and can return to playing once again with his goofy, doofus 'lil sister Roux.....its been a long road to getting some answers and she wants to play with him again.

Till next time,
Karen Raye



  1. Our paws are crossed for you, Bentley! We hope everything goes just perfectly!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Best of luck Bentley. You will have to watch what you eat but I bet you feel better after the surgery.


  3. Our paws are crossed tightly and we'll think nothing but positive thoughts. For you. For Bentley. For Roux. And for all the caretakers.

    Jake and Fergi and Family

  4. Thanks for the update. Best wishes to Mr. Bentley for a quick recovery so that he can get back to what's important: playing.

  5. Good Luck Bentley! Be sure to ask your Mom for lots of frosty yogurt paws while you are recuperating!