20 July 2011

Need some Zen...

Prayers too. Bentley is on extremely high dosage of Doxy as of last night. Four pills in the morning and four at night. The specialist passed on removing his spleen for awhile due to possible chronic stage of some type of ehrlichia. The specialist did take samples of his joint fluids that we will get results back on - hopefully Monday. And we should get bloodwork information back from University of North Carolina today or tomorrow. 

We are worried and I am trying not to be angry at previous vets for not taking me seriously when suggesting that maybe he was relapsing from his run in with tick fever back when he was three. This is a serious disease that is silent and deadly. The symptoms are so vague- lethargy, intermittent limps or soreness in one limb or another, just acting odd, not playing as much, CBC's not quite wrong but not quite right, and so much more.

Ever since I saw what tick fever could do to a dog (my ex's parents Weimeraner in West Texas), I became aware of this disease's ravages on a canines body. I took measures with Preventic collars, Advantic, and sprayed the hell out of the property with stuff from the vet's office. I thought I was vigilant and the new vet and the specialist assure me that I was but there was no way of knowing that Bentley hadn't recovered from his initial bout and the disease had gone dormant. 

I am scared because it appears to be chronic and that is not a good sign but there is a chance that we can turn this around. I just want you to be aware and follow your instincts when you know your 4-legged friend is not quite right and insist on testing for tick-based diseases no matter what the vet says. At this point, Bentley has been tested for Cushings, Addison's, Hip Dysplasia, x-rays, ultra-sounds, and even acupuncture treatments for what was thought to be spinal problems. All of his symptoms are classic TBD (tick based disease) results including the enlarged spleen.

I will keep you updated and plan on passing on informational links as I learn more. Take care and give your 4-legged's a hug.

Till next time,
Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass


  1. Hi Karen,

    Here's a test comment.

  2. Our paws are crossed and lots of AireZen is coming your way, Bentley! We are hoping for positive news that you can work with!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. We are thinking of little Bentley and hoping for a good outcome.

    Mango, Pea, and Momma

  4. Sending lots of wirey zen to Bentley. Our Mama has Fibromyalgia that could have been triggered from tick borne Lyme Disease years ago. But tests weren't very accurate back in 1992, so even though the tests were negative, it could have been positive.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek

  5. I am cwossing my paws and Mommi is pwaying fow Bentley
    That is so howwibull that it was miss diagnosed
    Bentley is a most wondewful boy and we just hope he can beat this
    smoochie healing kisses

  6. woofs, so sorry he is feeling so bad...sure hope now they are about to find out what is wrong...he will improve with medications...feel better soon Bentley..

    b safe and get well,
    the hudson furkids...

  7. Let's hope the antibiotic does the job.

  8. Oh Bentley...we're sending some airezen for you dear...we so hope you are feeling...hugs and kisses to your Peeps...

    Lacie, Stan and Scruffy from PA

  9. BeNtly, R yoU fEElinG aNy betteR tOda y?
    AiRe huGs to YoU!