23 January 2009

Celebrating Marie's Life Today

We went to Marie's house today to meet her niece Nancy and others of us who loved her to celebrate her life and the memories she gave us to cherish. After the service at the church, we loaded back into the limousines and went to Forest Park Lawndale for the military honors and internment with a dove release. Afterwards a small group of us went to eat at Kenny and Ziggy's, we laughed, ate lots of pickles and good New York style deli food. These pictures are of our day honoring our beloved Marie. I'll leave you with a quote of Marie's words of wisdom for all of us to live by,
"I have friends who scrimped and saved all their lives so they could retire to have fun and travel, only to find that they were too old or sick by then to do it. Don't wait! Don't waste your chances! Live your life and spend your money travelling, and having fun now, while you can." Marie Mariano


  1. What a nice way to honor Marie! We're sure there were lots of tears but also lots of smiles and laughter! She really sounded like one special lady!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. How fortunate you were to know Marie. Her life touched many, many people.