26 January 2009

Newest Project for 2009

We are moving. Kris's job at Dow has transferred her to LaPorte which is a very long way from Lake Jackson. Sooooo.....after talking it over with Nancy, we will rent and move into Marie's house which will make Kris's drive only about 30 minutes. We have already rented our home to Kris's co-worker and they will be moving in here on the 1st of March. Then, when I get into Tomball's vet school, I will only have an hour to commute on the toll each way. Better than 2 hours each way every day and having to live in the motor home somewhere over in Tomball during the week over the next two years of school. Yuck. Also, Marie's pups, Bridgette and Corky will get to stay in their own home and adjust to new experiences and puppy brothers, Bentley, Jax and Walter.
Sooo........we are remodeling Marie's house before we move in. With the expertise of Nancy, Kris, Kris's Mum and me, we are laying new tile and painting the entire inside of the house. Tired already! But it's starting to come together and I will post before and after pictures. WooHoo. Here's what we started over this last weekend. I learned to lay tile and kinda liked it. I think if I did it for a living, I'd have an excellent bum and killer thighs! Hmmm...something to think about. More to come!

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  1. We totally understand about house projects! Mom and dad are tackling our guestroom and when the plaster was coming down and the floors were coming up and we were all eating dust, well...............
    Good luck! It's worth it in the end! You'll stay fit, that's for sure!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch