15 October 2009

conversations about Chew Roux....

Momma 1: "What if she never grows out of this chewing stage?"
Momma 2: "Never had one that didn't."
Momma 1: "She's been really bad today. She got shoes out from the bottom of a tote for the Goodwill people. I didn't even remember those shoes were in there. How did she know?"
Momma 2: "Too smart, and she has a good nose for leather. I don't know."
Momma 1: "I knew a dog once that never grew out of it. He ate the whole house his entire life. I couldn't stand that dog. Not really but..."
Momma 2: "It's getting better, only every other day now that she does something. She just is very nosy and likes to chew. And she's young- two is usually the magic age. Maybe sooner; it just seems like forever when they're in this stage."
Momma 1: And that tote had clothes piled up on top of the shoes in it."
Momma 2: I know. I'll take it to the Goodwill place tomorrow. Sweet dreams- she'll get better- they always do."


  1. Momma 1: And then I rolled over and felt a wet spot on the sheet. How could the Sheet get wet when it is under the bedspread? I figured it out - when a big hole was chewed in the bed spread the dog slobber soaked through to the sheet underneath.
    "I think she is going to be one of those that never quits. Can we have all of her teeth pulled?"

    Momma 2: Laughing too hard to answer!

  2. This will be history someday and you'll chuckle. And, in the meantime, it could be worse. We think.

    Just trying to be encouraging... is it working?
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  3. If she is agreable, try a doggie day care. It sure gets rid of the bored energy that goes to chewing.
    Sally Ann