27 October 2009

Crafty pooches!

This month has been a wee bit hectic. Between trying to keep the "Chew Roux" from deliberating on what item to steal next as one of her toys, Bentley deciding that Roux is his own personal toy to play with at 5:30 am till 7:30am in the middle of the living room, my overload of school hours that's kicking my butt (I knew better), and numerous other things that everyone out there has experience with- I've been attempting to be crafty. Hmmpf. Harder than I thought even though I am creative, the execution of some of my ideas are definitely trial and error! Naturally, the 4-legged's think they need to help me in everything I set out to do. The due date for these creations is this weekend for the LSATC Versatility Day in Hutto, Texas. The Texas Airedale Rescue Team will be selling all kinds of Airedale-related items to raise money for Rescue. We'll even have goodies for the 2-legged's to eat at our bake sale and sack lunch's too. I'll be making my Swedish Nut's- pralined pecans, which of course the 4-legged's in this house think they need to help sample! Wish me luck- 'cause I'm hoping to be faster and smarter than "Kanga Roux", the counter-surfer extrardinaire while in the kitchen bagging up the nuts! Ya'll have a good week; I'm sure mine will continue to be exciting staying one step ahead of the crafty and wily 4-legged's that rule this house!


  1. Busy sounds like an understatement. Now is the time when a coupla good long Airedale naps might prove helpful!

    Hang in there, and wishes for a successful fund-raiser!

    Jake and Fergs xxoo

  2. Hope you get everything done in time and raise loads of money.

    Molly, Taffy and MOnty

  3. Sounds like looking after two crazy (half-)Dales wasn't enough for you!
    What a fun project, though. We would "help" you with it, too, of course.
    Beware of the bench-surfing "Kanga Roux", they have 'em here, too!!

  4. It sounds like you're busy, busy at your house, Bentley! We hope you raise LOTS of money for Rescue! We recognize that little guy peeing on the red fire hydrant on the tag in the first picture! That's Squirt and he lives with us!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch