27 January 2010

Dead Grass Blues

Oh my. The winter here has really been funky for Houston. Snow back in November, lot's of rain, 79 degrees on the 23rd of December (I remember because we flew into Pittsburgh- 11 degrees there), freezing temps. for almost a week in January here. I'm sure there is more but the point is- The grass is dead. Brown, crunchy, straw-like and a real pain in my fanny. Whenever the four-legged's go outside, which they do quite often, it attaches to them and falls off of them all over the house. Everywhere. They have become walking Velcro pads. Dead grass on the floor, the bed, the couch, in the bathroom and even in the tub. That is one of Roux's favorite places to hang out. She sits in there waiting thinking she's gonna get a bath everyday like the humans do. Back to the subject I started with- dead grass! Hence the need to vacuum everyday- Ha, not gonna happen! Every two or three days is the usual but not every day. Not enough time in a day. Oh, and the dirt is showing itself and growing in a big circular spot in the backyard. Does dirt grow? Only in West Texas! No, SOMEBODY is digging. Well, all of them are digging. I've been watching them out the kitchen window trying to catch the culprit. It is not singular. It is plural. They are all guilty. Apparently, there is something in the ground under the dead grass that smells and tastes good. Don't know what, not gonna go stick my nose down there to and find out. The taste of dirt is not my thing. Anyway, just needed to write about something other than government essays for school. Maybe vent a bit about the dead grass. How is your little piece of the world? Bring on the Spring- I am needing some green.



  1. Those faces look MUCH too innocent to be culprits. It's gotta be gophers. Or something else.

    Oh, how we wish we could help you with the green. We love where we live ... but it will be MONTHS before we see real green again. Other than in pictures. And our imagination. Which we count on.

    Tryin' to sympathize,
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  2. There are plenty of winter lawns in Phoenix, but the dog parks all have that dead summer grass you're talking about. So, Hootie and I are also like walking velcro pads! Hootie is way worse,'cuz his coat is much more coarse than mine. Neither of US have dug a hole in ages. When up in Hi-dee-ho we are usually too busy running around outside to dig. Every once in a while little Hootster digs up a bone I've buried 2 years ago.haha.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  3. That's just how our grass looks here in CT, guys! It's not much fun to roll around on. We like the plush green stuff much better!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. I guess that is one good reason not to complain about the snow here. Have any others? :)

  5. Our grass stays green and we have wonderful mud to squish between our toes.
    Alanis & Miro

  6. Roux has got to be the only person that has some Airedale and WANTS a bath, we cannot comprehend...
    Our grass looks like that too at the mo, burnt from the harsh Australian sun but.
    We are willing to let you in on the secret re what's under the (dead) grass...it's roots! Lots of yummy, fresh smelling roots and getting your hairy face covered in the sticky dirt that's attached to those roots, well, it's just divine! And if you don't want to stick your own schnoz down there, well, you are missing out!
    Our pinkies have joined in with us before but they have no appreciation either...
    Too bad...