08 January 2010

Update from the Bentman

The Momma has been real busy lately. Her Uncle Henry, the one she's been taking care of for the last year, lost his long battle with Alzheimer's and failing health. The Momma said he went to heaven yesterday where he can fish all he wants and see all his loved ones already there. I have been hanging around to give her lot's of kisses when she comes home every night. Last night she called me a butt-stuck baby boy but she finally smiled. These pics show me on my couch and on my bed waiting around for her to come home. I'll catch you up more another day. Love the ones you're with.
Lots of Aire-hugs for everybody,
Bentley Beargrass


  1. Lots of hugs and kisses for your mama bear. Look after her, she needs you now, we know you will.
    "Pain had succumbed to peace. Ending surrendered to beginning."

  2. Dear Bently, We are sorry to hear of your Momma's loss. She probably really appreciates all your love and kisses.
    X-BabyRD and Hootie

  3. Give your mom a hug from us, Bentley, and keep her smiling!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Aww, Bentley. We are so sad about your moma's loss. It's a tough way to start a new year. We hope she gets some comfort from the memories that she'll always have, and the knowledge that she provided so much for her uncle during this past year. Now is when she needs YOU to make HER feel better, and we're sure you are really good at helping her to smile.

    Loving wirey licks and hugs to all of you,
    Jake and Fergi