23 February 2010

Dough boy?


Lately my Julia Child's alter ego has been showing itself. My other half thinks this is a good thing, as does the Bentman as you can see in the pic above. I decided to do a science project awhile back and made a bread starter that requires me to feed it. Daily. That is until it is happy to go to being fed on a weekly basis. Sunday I made a loaf of bread to test it out- usually no big deal. The problem was that I forgot to set a timer where I'd be able to hear it and I was in the office working on a Govt. paper. Got lost in lala land. The smell of "you've left me in the oven too long" came wafting back to me about 10 minutes too late. Turned out OK, just a wee bit crusty but nothing that some butter couldn't fix. Anyway, I vowed to give it another go and made some nice pizza crust yesterday to go with the awesome sauce that Kris makes. Not too shabby. Kris and her Mom gave it a thumbs up. But the best was the sinfully decadent cinnamon rolls I tackled. We sampled them last night after they came out of the oven. Olympic skating and cinnamon rolls- oh yeah! The four-legged's reaction to all this baking is priceless. They all sit so pretty at the edge of the kitchen and watch. Noses wriggling. Saliva dripping. Eyes darting. Watching every little move you make. Hoping you'll drop something so they can sample it. Funny little monkey butts. Yeah, they got some crust. I can't help myself. I'll keep you posted on my newest starter, made with buckwheat. It should make some great pancakes. That will have to wait till Sunday breakfast though. And yes, we all had to do a double long walk today because of all the yummies. Tonight we're supposed to get some of that frozen stuff they call snow. Lovely, huh? Of course by tomorrow the temperature will be back up to 70. Crazy weather.

Stay warm or stay cool -
depends on where you are,
Karen and the Bentman


  1. Wow. We loved every single bit of this post. We could smell it. See it. Taste it. And even feel the idea of the snow. You can come live here any time you want.

    Enjoy all those wonderful tastesensations!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  2. I see a similar reaction to peanut butter jars. Guess I had better start getting in some double walks myself. ;)