24 February 2010

sunshine on my shoulder.....makes me happy

                        Can you say Olympic tackle?   Or maybe group hug?

                                    Which toy to tear up first?

                                   Can you say, "was a sock monkey?"

                                         Where's the beef?

                         It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!



  1. WAS a sock monkey!!!


  2. Bye-bye sock monkey. BTW, the droopy-tree in my photo is some kind of evergreen but I don't know what. The needles are short, thick and prickly.

  3. Nothing like a good game of tug of war! We especially like to make special t-o-w noises when we play. Do you do that too??
    Oh, and great job on demolishing the sock monkey.BOL.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  4. Maybe someday Fergi will play tug with me. I think if it was a hunk of beef, I stand a better chance. For sure she'd like the fluff that comes out after a good tug on the monkey.

    I'll keep trying. You've given me inspiration.

  5. We need to feel that again - it's been far too long. :)

  6. So. Your moma is thinking about a wheelie? They're good in some respects. Don't eat much. Don't destuff toys (though our toys do end up in their proximity). Don't make much noise or poop in the house. But they do take up space (sometimes in high places - sort of an elevated status) and they do distract from photo opportunities. (That can be a good thing!) But we have to admit, we love them.

    Keep your eyes peeled!

    Love ya,
    Jake and Fergi and the gang