26 August 2010

4-Legged's Down Under

Are hosting a GIVEAWAY for their friends in Celebration of their 100th post and One Year Blogging Anniversary! Can you guess who it is? It's Inky and Molly  in Geelong, Victoria, Australia! Something fun for the 4-legged's and something for the pinkie too! WOO-HOO! So go visit their blog to read all about their Molly Giveaway and NO- don't get too excited, they aren't giving Molly away or her tail. She is quite content in Down-Under Land and will stay there with her own pinkies and Inky-Dale, thank you very much. So go make new friends and have a great end of the week!

See ya later alligator,
Karen Raye and 
Bentley Beargrass


  1. We love Inky and Molly too, guys! Good luck in the give-away!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Lots of your Airedogs are mentioning Inky and Molly's giveaway. We're heading there right away!

    Good luck!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo