25 August 2010

Not too much

Damaged fence from attack of Mr. Ed

Going on this last week but we did have some excitement over last weekend. Friday night we were hanging outside on the back porch and heard a big thump from the front of the house. Kris went in to check and as I was looking across the backyard at the fence, I saw a big horse head looking over frantically. Now mind you, we have a 6 foot high wooden fence so I wasn't sure if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. I ran into the house and out the front door just in time to see the horse being roped by one of two men in the street right in front of our house. The poor horse was bleeding on its head and side and I asked the man if the horse was ok. He nodded and the other man came and took the horse back down the street while the the first man got into his truck and drove behind the 2nd fellow. I looked around and saw many of our neighbors standing in their driveways watching this interesting scenario. Anyway, I waved and went back in to get some A/C while shaking my head at the strangeness of it all. Later that night, 10:30ish, we got a knock at the door and it was our next door neighbor asking what had happened, it looked as if a car had gone through our front chain link fence on his side of the yard. We had no idea what he was talking about and went out to see what was up. It wasn't what was up, it was what was down- our fence. Apparently the horse had gotten spooked before it came to our back fence and run head on into the chain link fence in the front yard, and flipped taking the fence with him. That's where the cuts had come from. The thump we'd heard was him kicking terrified into our garage door as he ran down the sidewalk on the side of our house towards the backyard. In my moment of surprise and confusion earlier, I'd completely missed noticing our fence laying over in horsey disrepair. 
The next morning we played private investigators and tracked down where the horse had come from. Fresh horse poop on a dead end street and my remembering seeing a horse about a week ago in an unsecured looking field helped and Voila- we found him, got the address of the land he was safely pastured in, looked it up on city tax records, and paid a visit to the property owners. The family is from El Slavador and didn't speak much English but I spoke with one of their kids and found out the horse was ok. Talked to the Dad on their phone and made arrangements to get the fence put back up. Everything worked out fine but let me tell you- you just don't expect to see Mr. Ed looking over the fence at you whilst living in the big city of Houston-town! Well, I say that laughingly now because the previous week we found out we had bats in our our chimney and had to relocate them. It took a little bit of research and a few days but we did it with the help of sonar devices. I even felt bad that they had to find a new home but you just can't have bats in your belfry. I'm beginning to think I live in the Wild Kingdom or something....

Till next time,
Karen Raye

Bentley's "I am alarmed- there is something way bigger than me out there" look!


  1. I agree with Bentley! My mom takes me to see her horses all the time, and I still haven't gotten the hang of them! They're way to big and their feet are way to hard!

  2. Wow! Thank goodness the dogs we're out with the horsey decided to plow down your fence! We're glad Mr. Ed is okay!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. OMD..what an experience!

    We struggle with horses no matter how big they are they have small ears..compared to our donkeys!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  4. Oh my, what an interesting neighbourhood!! I'm glad the horsie was ok and didn't freak out too badly. Also glad your fence will be fixed!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade